Open Office 3.

Keep Blogging. …

It has occurred to me that is Opera went belly up I'd lose all my posts. That would serve me right. I aught to save some of my lucid stuff (and let the dark side slide.)

I got the latest version of Open Office a few days ago and opened Writer, its word-processer; the equivalent of Microsoft's Word.

It's good but it is a pain adjusting the sttings ever time I use it. I like to see things on my screen as Web Viwe, it comes formatted to look like a sheet of paper, do people still use paper these days?

I like a larger font too and better line spacing (1 1/2 rather than the default.) I know I can reset the default but I don't know how. the last time I used the help files with it, I was worse off than when I began.

It's one thing to know you are ignorant, quite another to have the depth of my ignorance pointed out so starkly.

Anyway with this new edition I see it incorporates a font size slider. So that is 1/3 of the probelem fixed.

Now to copy and paste my best bits. [insert joke here] [/insert joke here]


3 thoughts on “Open Office 3.

  1. I was talking to someone about this very thing…what if Opera went belly up. I've made copies and saved a few of my posts, my poems are saved, etc. Only thing is, you need back up for whatever you've saved on your pc as well.

  2. I seem to do that with projects in my house. I either get interrupted or run out of steam and they are forgotten for awhile, then I go on to something else. It's back and forth, a little at a time, for about ten projects. I should make a list.

  3. Two simple remedies is your CD or DVD writer and opening another blogsite on someone else's servers. I have a few documents on Google Docs which will upload directly from Open Office and download there too.My problem is that some of the earthquake stuff is too big to post there. I should break them down, I know.My trouble is I lose things so easily. Once I have written it or got a good way in and paused for too long to do something else, I tend to forget all about it and can't build up enough steam to get enthusiastic about it again.I have a folder full of stuff so off the wall and far from finished I can't even remember what there was in half of them that I thought I was looking at or trying to prove.

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