Doctor of Destruction

Forget angels of death, this guy produces mentally retarded babies. …

In Staffordshire and Shropshire there is a baby doctor who wields almost infinite control over the infant's wards of several hospitals.

He has got an unhealthy interest in what happens to newly born babies if they are starved of oxygen. And he patrols the wards at night -at times he is unlikely to get caught.

He sits in on almost all inquests that come under his influence and has been able to get away with worse than murder of far more people than Harold Shipman. Over the decades this monster has wielded power, he must have come near to what most Nazi doctors would have dreamed of accomplishing.

How do I know?

No proof but in all the churches I have been to before moving to this area I seldom came across a mentally defective child. I used to go to places where the whole family of every member of the sect in each area used to turn up every Sunday without fail.

The same thing for Stoke. Religiously, to coin.. ermmm…

And in Stoke I noticed there was at least one wheel chair bound person, mentally damaged from birth -or near birth, in every congregation. There wasn't a congregation free of the mentally damaged. What are the chances of that?

The only way the British Medical Authority is ever going to look at this stuff is when the monster retires and the incidence of mentally damaged people in his remit drops dramatically.

There is nothing for doing to little too late like the British Managerial System.

I was in the Dole Office earlier today and asked about the gang of people down one end of the office. I was told they were mentally challenged. I said "Shame isn't it?"

And he nodded. "There are so many of them in Stoke aren't there?"

"Yes." he said nodding more vigorously as he thought about it.

And there is nothing I can do about it.

Well I can post URL's that have gone into detail about it. The second one by someone who is willing to do what I have not done: Go to gaol in desperation for her beliefs:

Originally posted by BBC:

Seven complaints, believed to relate to cases where children were removed from families after Professor Southall diagnosed Munchausen's, are due to be heard by the GMC in January.

His research into CNEP ventilators at North Staffordshire has also provoked intense scrutiny because parents claimed they did not give consent to their children taking part in the trial and they claim their signatures were forged.

3 thoughts on “Doctor of Destruction

  1. I feel a little better now having sent off a much delayed missal to The Sentinel our local newspaper:Go to any family oriented church outside Staffordshire and compare the incidence of brain damaged children with that of anywhere in Stoke.Seldom one in any church or chapel (an ideal cross reference comparison selection) outside Southall's remit.One or two in each one in the Stoke area and I dare say others.When the monster retires it will show up again in a sudden decrease in the asphyxiation of newborn babies.

  2. What gene pool do these people come from? I read all the articles and the entire Shipman article. I think I saw a documentary on him a year or so ago. It's really hard to believe these people go so long without anyone catching on. Or that, if someone does suspect something, it is dismissed. How is it they are looked upon as Gods?

  3. When I was a child all GPs (Local doctors like parish priests) were like gods.It takes years before people get the idea they are human. And how many people do they fail with human error?So you write on or two off and they get away with it.Those days are ending thank god. One more plus to the Internet. It just couldn't be done before. We had a regular god forsaken ordinary jobbing builder who with his wife preyed on women and murdered them after doing filthy things to them. Look up Fred West.They got away with it desoite the neighbours being wary of them. Decades earlier we had the Moors Murderers. Child butchers.All of them got away with what they did because such aberrant behaviour is so unexpected. And who do you go to to voice an opinion? You can't go to the police on suspicion they were having rough parties or some-such.You just don't think the "worst". You expect people to behave like normal sensible humane citizens. And then you suffer shock when you find out.

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