Think of a foreign country.

Where ya gonna call? …

There is a row over the planned extension of a London airport in Britain. I can't comment on the need. But once it's gone, it's gone. That for the village that stood since Anglo Saxon times and is part of the heritage visitors would like to see. If it bore any relationship to an Anglo Saxon township.

But who from Australia is keen on visiting little places like that? What French or German couple intend to visit the sights there? Would out trans Atlantic cousins like to visit London at some time during a vacation?

Everyone has a primary destination in mind when they travel to a country and one of them is its capital city. Would you dream of touring France and not seeing the Eiffel Tower?

Put it this way:
You don't visit geography. Your visit is geography.
You have to go where the arrival port is and from there you move out to visit family, old friends, make new friends, do business, visit museums, art galleries, shops and factories and try local produce.

Sight-seeing is part of the journey. And most of the sights concern history of which a large proportion is contained in the capital.

If they don't build it, they won't come.

But there is an economic crash on that begs belief. The criminals behind it all live in London too. Building a new runway makes sense. Not least because the costs are low as developers vie for work. Building anything now makes sense because the country needs investments.

It will be years before the economy recovers and the building industry is begging Europe for tradesmen. It will be years before the home grown ones will be able to find work. And by then I will be on the scrap-heap permanently. And the ability to teach the next starters will be gone ans the last of the craftsmen who think in feet and inches join the lists of retired.

So just how badly will Britain need a new runway when things get better? Will they have time to find your lost luggage from last years disastrous opening of Heathrow Terminal 5?


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