Low south of Iceland and associated cloud

Apparently there is atill a mystery about what causes phenomena like this and the Azores/Bermuda High.

Well there is, it's a mystery to me why they won't accept was is bloody obvious. But who is going to listen to me? …

In settled weather, when it obeys the weather lore for the month, you will always find an area of low pressure just off Iceland.

Since it is about 15 degrees of arc from the Irish Sea, it means fine weather is the norm. This is what it looks like: http://www.woksat.info/etcra16/ra16-1308-c-uk-n.html

THe parallels or latutude lines shown are 65 N. through Iceland, 60 north of Sotland and 55 through Northern Ireland and Carlisle on the Anglo/Scots border.


8 thoughts on “Low south of Iceland and associated cloud

  1. No, I am getting carried away with this. The eye is 1 degree across and opens out to 1.66 or so in 180 degrees of twist or whatever it is they call spirals. At which point if the spiral was opened out it would be about three degrees long.That's it. No more till the next time.(Unless I think of something clevva.) Oh errrmmm… there is a reaction to the action at the mouth of the trumpet. Follow the square (oblong whatever…Oh dear, now I'm seeing faces.)

  2. On my computer monitor the original picture has the parallels at 210 mm apart. which means the degrees N/S are 42 mm each.The ellipse in the comma of the Low is about 70 mm by 45 mm. 1 to 1.555 About 1 degree along the shortest diameter and 1.5 across the largest.I wonder how that compares to a Unisys graphic I posted from that snowy spell that crossed into the southern states. That had a well defined ellipse on it at one stage.Clouds that can form like that have time and stillness to drop as a sheet of ice crystals until the pneumodynamics heats them up and turns it into rain.And because the air is still there is enough heat evolved to raise the moisture back up and then that freezes out of solution and drops and then heats up and so on.I wonder what that would oscillate at. a note that is 1.555 somethings or others would be nice.

  3. Yes I saw that later but I was seeing other stuff when I knocked off.Funny thing I always wanted to be a sniper. I'd have been a good one too. If there is any such a thing.When did you post that message. Opera is crap at opening notices and stuff. It's half past midnight here GMT. You posted what? 20 hours ago?I'm trying to get The Gimp to turn it upside down so I can see the elephant. Blinking tool. I can't even get the image to open on there. Why is Linux stuff so absolutely NAFF to use? The coders are stuck in the 1980's. Was that the best of times and the worst of times for that sort of thing? I rather think it was. The heyday for Leggo users everywhere. StarTrek and Star Wars rooled.How very sad.

  4. I went to the site and looked at all the other pics too. Some of them really got my imagination going. I could see all kinds of things in the cloud and land formations.

  5. They're called fractals. The fact your paintings have them too indicate you might be quite good.Not that I am any judge.

  6. You can conciously put yourself in that state of mind. Brown Studies. When something catches your attention you just concentrate on it and don't mind the reactions of anyone around.I used to do it all the time with the geo-physics before I had a computer. But these days I have to concentrate on writing; then on the spelling; then on the composition and grammar….Maybe that's why I lost the kick it used to give me. Like when I forecast those quakes the other day, I'd have been up in the ceiling. It has it's plus side though. Coming down from one of those was a major low.Depression, spoiled even more by knowing I'd missed something. But that's how you learn. It's why I hate the BBC so much. They make unannounced changes that take away so much without anyone realising it:<Rant mode on>They had a superb set up for weather forecasting, then some suit was appointed and he spent the family jools on a stupid computer programme and ditched the Atlantic Charts.Now every announcer has a clicker and a hand waving act with a plain map of Britain whizzing past in a quick tour demonstrating nothing much. It lacks substance, style and expertise.They kicked out the bloke who made a fuss about it. Put out a rumour he was a bully. I think they made some sort of settlement with him but he's selling insurance or holidays now.Bloody shame. <Rant mode off.>

  7. I think it indicates I go with the flow….or, whatever unconcsious thought or image is flowing through my brain. There are times when I'm painting that I'm not aware of anything else around me. It's called 'in the zone'….something I miss greatly. I'm going to try to open it in Corel to rotate it.

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