To be or not to be.

What was the question? …

How am I supposed to reply to this:

On Jan 17, 5:05 am, <snipped> wrote:
> Why aren't you on your Opera blog? At least there you have (a very
> few) readers who respond to your idiocies and usually treat you
> humanely. Here, you're ignored or abused. So, why are you back?
> Need new bruises? Want to show your blog readers how you're treated
> here? Come on, then.
> –mirage, done abusing, ignoring hereafter

A little bit of background. I used to post daily to a Usenet group that was more or less dead. No input and all I learned was nastiness. Which I was already pretty good at anyway. So I decided to change.

Anyway I noticed that the weather was about to break with some large earthquakes towards Japan-way. I'd have left it there as years of farting into the wind have innured me to a stoicism that will only see the results after my lone travail is over.

But I got one reply by someone who never bothered to read my post. Not that I blame him for that. I couldn't even be bothered to edit it for clarity. (What would have been the point?)

So I gave him an impolitic mouthful. I will probably clean it up later after his finger have started to heal. Meanwhile no link for the sake of the children.

Anyway, back to the question.

Someone asks you a question on line. Is it empty rhetoric. He has ignored you just now and he will ignore you again. He actually says that he will. So I can't really reply can I?

Well I can write this I suppose. Self gratifying though it be. At least I can use smilies if I want to. But I never claimed to anything else but a petty self abuser.

I'd like to be nice. But at the moment I am not.:D


One thought on “To be or not to be.

  1. What really tickled me is that he replied to my abuse immediately. I had originally cross posted it from a group that gets really busy from about 6 am to late morning. Even more busy at weekends.If he'd hung fire for a few hours, posted about 8 or 9 in the evening say, it would have dropped like stone and he might have seen he was cross posting to a very busy newsgroup too.:troll: So now the spat is the leading post as the original group wakes up. And the glee for me is they will all be rushing to report a burst of heavy rain as it was peeing down when I wrote the above.So as they were all attacted like sharks to blood with weather warnings last night, they'll probably all read it even though I'm persona non grata there too.Funny thing about that rain. We've had nothing but bad weather here all last year. And as it was bucketing down again, there was an article on the TV News about the drought in Australia. It rained all through the article, stopping at about the same time.One man's poisson is another man's tainted meat.

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