Any dead fish can drift down stream, roll with the blows and manage to ignore the obvious, impervious to any warnings. …


The poor are in the gutter now
Marshalling each penny
The chimp has squandered treasuries
His enemies are many

You can't kill half the world they say
Everyone knows why
We watched the chimpanzee amazed at giving it a try
And every port of passage
Has now become a fort
And every form of market place
Has colour codes of sort
The barricades are very high
We can not tear them down
For the governments of satellites still support the clown
For making war on terrrrists
How do you do that?

By collecting sock puppets
And everyone a fool.

The chimp has gone to Texas
That's where the bad men go
A place designed for presidunces a long, long time ago.
And killers and the worst of men
And those who would have slaves
Who'd make the whole place Tulia
Full of whites and graves

The poor are on the street today, they've gone to greet the king
And wonder what a nego president will bring

And out of the woodwork we now behold the worms
Complicit, servile, hiding, now washing off the germs

Today the sun is shining between the pouring rain
A black and white man takes the lead

But can he take the pain?


25 thoughts on “19/1/9

  1. I remember the euphoria that followed the attack on New York. And all those anti-French e-mails going around. Now we know where they originated. We couldn't wait to spill blood. Two buildings and two thousand dead.I saw immediately as soon as that second plane hit, thousandss of women and children would be paying for that. How do you do the same in retaliation calling it anti-terrorism and expect no recrimination?If I was a god fearing man the poetry of what has happened -because of the chimp, to the people he lead is an act of god.Wait….I am a god fearing man…Hmmmmm…Originally posted by by god:

    "And the word of Jehovah continued to occur saying:“Son of man, set your face against Gog of Magog, the head chieftain of Meshech and Tubal and prophesy against him. And you must say:"This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said:“Here I am against you, you head chieftain. And I shall certainly turn you around and put hooks in your jaws and bring you with all your military force; Persia, Ethiopia, Put; Gomer and all its bands, the house of Togarmah, of the remotest parts of the north, and all its bands, many peoples with you."

    Man I just read the whole chapter: Ezekiel chapter 18. It sounds remakably prescient.It happened in Germany and Italy with Hitler and Mussolini. It happened to Russia with Afghanistan and it has happened to Britain and France with WW 1 and 2. Now it is happening to the USA and to Britain all over again.

  2. Oh, fiddle!!I wanted to watch Obama being sworn in. Now I have to go out. Someone wants my blood I think.Flip!*******Made it back in time. Wahey!

  3. Never ask for blood. One day it may be your own.Let god do what he will with us and you won't go far wrong. Let him deal with the criminals, and they will pay let him deal with liars and phonies as only he knows how because only he knows how.I've just been watching Sky news I think that is a Jewish owned company but it has some decent reporters. If I could get AlJazeera on my TV I'd never watch BBC news again. I am only sorry my default news reader is the BBC.I might even learn how to change that to Al Jazeera or something. Lots of recriminations are coming down on the B** Boy Club. After Dr Kelly was..ermm… died during the Iraq coup d’état (I don't know what the correct term is for an illegal war) the BBC was taken over by government spin doctors.It's overall output under NuLabour is pathetic, "dumbing down" everything so only the sheep are left watching it.Let god handle it he is bigger than me. It will be interesting to watch the outcome though. TV loves exposes it should be an humdinger when that hits.

  4. If there is a god and he wants you to know about him he will tell you if you are honest. We've all got hang-ups. Fortunately he is no longer dealing with us through the angel god gave the Jews under Moses.If that angel was Jesus, he has seen enough now to be a lot more amenable to us and our foibles.There was a time he watched his father die and knew his mother and family and friends would die and do wrong and fail and try again and that helped him to deal with us a lot better than we deserve.Or god is a bigger monkey.Who can say?God knows.

  5. Everything is coloured, and politically biased. Knowing what colour or party is pulling the strings may lead to better understanding. Of course it doesn't hurt to read several papers or watch different stations.I was really surprised when I found out, years ago, news was taken from one common "(plot)pot", Reuter for the most of Western Europe.Al Jazeera sounds lie a good alternative. I dubt I would understand a single word though.If I am not mistaken, I think I can watch Al Jazeera. I will check that later this week.About God, we have different opinions. I am godless and believe in an overall quest and strive for balance. The outcome will probably be very much alike.Credit goes where credit's due.

  6. @ PainterWoman: It sounds good and acceptable to me, too :)@ Weatherlawyer: I have big problems with religions that represent their god as a man ( not the gender ). We are said to be created to his image, yet all look at the arms and legs, I mean :doh:

  7. an overall quest and strive for balance

    Where is that from? Obama's speech?Remember he is a politician. Even if he means well, he will have to juggle his wishes with your needs and the opponents he has. Corruption breeds.I wish him well but ultimately he can't please everyone. I remember the euphoria that followed Tony Blair and the stupid things the son of a bitch went and did because politics is a dirty business.If you ever see a clip of him getting off the plane on his way to dicuss the plans for the coming war in Iraq, with Bush, it is self evident he has just been buggered. I think that his sell out was a bit of blackmail, a bit of setting up and a lot of politics.I think Bush promised to cut off funds to the IRA so that we could have peace in Northern Ireland. And the price of it was the decimation of our army, the blood of thousands of innocents, help with rendition flights and looking the other way when it suited the crooks.He never said one word against any of it at any time, not the tortures, not the racketeering, not the murders and not the kidnappings. It will be interesting to see what happens to him now his career in politics is over and all the crooks who pay for his speeches are retired and or broke.The high ups in our government tend to get jobs in Pennsylvania Avenue banks and stuff so why didn't they say anything?

  8. We are said to be created to his image, yet all look at the arms and legs, I mean

    Animals have arms and legs but only one creature on earth has dominion over all animals. And only one creature will make their life's work protecting and conserving other creatures.I think that that is what god meant when he said we would be in his image. Another word for image is representation. We act as his representatives. Maybe we are supposed to spend our lives balancing the animal kingdom, sorting out the rogues and pacifying them.I'd like to think the law of the jungle is a temporary arrangement but whatever the case I don't want to be on the wrong side of the entity that designed it.We are like kings to lions and elephants alike. They can kill us but they seem to know it is best to run from us. And we can make them serve us. Some with kindness and some with treachery and cruelty because we understand what is in their hearts.I can't say other creatures are incapable of such understanding but I do know they are only interested in their own species.God gave us a command to extend paradise and it has still to be accomplished. Atheists are intent on grabbing what they can from the earth and not respecting its spirit but spiritual men know there is more to looking after the planet than we fully appreciate.Not all atheists feel that way and not all religious people refrain from despoiling the planet. Maybe that is why god has held back for so long. Sometimes I wish he'd get on with things and sometimes I'm glad to get more time to sort myself out.I can't speak for anyone but myself, those are just the way I look at things.

  9. I am not a believer, but I don't go around grabbing whatever I can.So far, mankind has done a pretty poor job in terms of conservation and protection of all life.It is a bit unfair to blame all of that on the atheist.There are at least , and probably the vast majority, of believers that screw the world and its habitants, diligently.As I said before, I feel more connected to buddhism and taoism, though I am far from an authority, even not an average disciple.I am what is called humanist here.I don't know if it has a nasty ring over at yours or in english speaking countries.I don't feel like I should defend myself for what I am either.I am a severe critic of myself and not afraid to admit my wrongs.Screwing the planet and planetarians isn't one of them. God as you call it may as well be a physic force, the force to restore balance.Just a thought.

  10. Let's get this straight:I am not blaming atheists per se.I am blaming people who by their nature show they are godless or lack humanity.Many good men not just bad ones get caught up in doing wrong. Those huge sea harvesters that sweep out everything in the ocean and ruin vast stretches of it are not all bad men.Some are so poor at home they jumped at the chance to make good money at sea in unpleasant conditions for months on end. I'll bet the same is true for whalers. Though they can not stay long in ignorance and are eventually forced to make choices that a Russian trawler-hand never gets the chance to think about.Who is going to tell him he is part of an ocean wide strip mine.Drift netters too. On the coast of Coramandle where some prized crustaceans grow, they strip mine along the shoreline. What do the poor men know?They have pulled down all the trees they used for boats and now have to make glass fibre ones. All sorts of changes have been forced on them and it's all ruining the earth.I am not saying they are atheists but those that know better and don't make an effort to change are in breach of god's requirements. Good and bad alike and in the laws of an eye for an eye, they all get to be executed by a righteous god.Fortunately it's a little more complex a law case, since someone has stepped in to pay the fines. That's what I believe and I don't blame anyone for thinking it is ridiculous.

  11. Yes. There are parts of the sea bed around britain that have been so spoiled by trawler nets that there is nothing growing there. Not a thing.And the thing is they have been going broke over poor fish stocks since the 1970's. Instead of exclusion zones to allow the areas to recover they just banned catching certain sorts of fish.As if a net would know the difference between a 9 foot dolphin and a six inch squid.What sort of idiot government would allow that? The sort to go into an illegal war in the hope of saving Iraqis?It's been going on as long as I can remember probably before Thatcher.http://www.greenpeace.org/international/seafood/understanding-the-problem/overfishing-history

  12. There was a prophet of the present economic meltdown who was villified in the Wkipedia.Wikipedia almost went broke recently despite being the destination of choice for most Google searchers. Here is what it has to say about the prophetess Cassandra's problem today:Originally posted by Wikipedia:

    The corporate world.Foreseeing potential future directions for a corporation or company is sometimes called ‘visioning’. Achieving a clear, shared vision in an organization is difficult when some individuals lack of commitment.Those who support the new vision are termed ‘Cassandras’ – given the ability to see what is going to happen but not believed. Sometimes the name Cassandra is applied to those who can predict rises, falls, and particularly crashes on the world stock market, as happened with Warren Buffett who repeatedly warned that the '90s stock market surge was a bubble, attracting to him the title of 'Wall Street Cassandra'.The environment movementMany environmentalists have predicted looming environmental catastrophes including climate change, rise in sea levels, irreversible pollution, and an impending collapse of ecosystems including those of rainforests and ocean reefs.Such individuals sometimes acquire the label of 'Cassandras' whose warnings of impending environmental disaster are disbelieved or mocked.Environmentalist Alan Atkisson states that to understand that humanity is on a collision course with the laws of nature is to be stuck in what he calls the 'Cassandra dilemma' in which one can see the most likely outcome of current trends and can warn people about what is happening.The vast majority can not, or will not respond, and later if catastrophe occurs they may even blame you, as if your prediction set the disaster in motion.Occasionally there may be a "successful" alert. In the words of Atkisson: "too often we watch helplessly, as Cassandra did, while the soldiers emerge from the Trojan horse just as foreseen and wreak their predicted havoc. Worse, Cassandra's dilemma has seemed to grow more inescapable even as the chorus of Cassandras has grown larger

    I'm on a double whammy since I can see where the environment is going to collapse whilst at the same time seeing that the other Cassandras are wrong.Committing to all things green won't do it while the crooks, liars and damned fools carry on regardless in the complete abandonment of gods plan to improve things on the planet.It's nothing to do with CO2.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassandra_(metaphor)

  13. But I see it mainly as a mentality and attitude problem. The system of making profit has hardly altered last couple of thousands years, but last decennia it has been made a priority.As long as we don't step back from that approach, disaster is bound to happen, on an ecological or humanitarian level. Those crooks won't do anything to improve things earth, provided it doesn't harm any of the fellow crooks and it generates profit.I don't kknow where things are going to break, or when, but it doesn't take a genius to know and feel something is seriously going wrong, and has been for quite a while.

  14. The previous manager of the BBC ousted by the Labour Party and replaced with yes men said the other day that the secret services are tools of the governments not impartial providors of information.The bank managers were on TV apologising this morning. When the committee asked if they had anything to be sorry about they hummed and hawed and made excuses. He let them get awa with it.So yes it all boils down to feathering each other's nests.

  15. he only thing that links the secret services to the common people is the tax money they get paid with. There's absolutely no return. It should be an independant organisation, but then they wouldn't receive a lot of funds, would they?Nor would they be on any minister's priority list.My idea is that people that put them selves electable for high positions( politics, justice etc ) should be severely, and I actually mean SEVERELY, punished for malpractice and/or blatent negligence.And though maybe innocent,so should hteuir next of kin be , in the form of a social demotion. Sadly it's all a bunch of friends, judged and judges, that meet in the country clubs.It would however make them think twice about priorities.I seem to have a bit of an issue here.

  16. The biblical equivalent of such office were the Judges of Ancient Israel. They worked for a pittance, literally their keep. And they travelled from town to town to settle disputes the local princes couldn't handle. The last one, Samuel, had two sons that took bribes so they were replaced by the kings. One fell out of favour with god because of avarice and lost his kingdom to David after a long and bloody civil war.David lost out when he committed rape and murder, like "you" do, and the kingdom was divided off and more civil warfare occurred down to the time god kicked the lot of them out.So there no cure for humanity in religion and politics is there?

  17. I'm not much of a Bible reader and the stories are pretty vague to me. A quick search showed me that David, because he showed repentance, got his next of kin to rule over the Kingdom by his son Salomon. And no, I don't see much of a cure since everything still is run by profit and gain, the things that caused a lot of misery and "sidesteps".Take away these two and we're back in your biblical story where lust for power and it's " privileges" will be the main temptation.Like so often, the cure has to come from within, it is all choice, in my opinion.That and the strentgh to do what one knows is the right thing to do, instead of giving in to temptation.Bit off topic: how are you today?

  18. Just trying to find, and getting adjust to, the new rythm.Don't tell me about swallowers, for this country has too many of them.It sometimes frustrates me beyond the bearable.Looking south I see the French burning down Paris when they are truly fed up and lied to, and looking up North I see the Dutch with multiple organisations defending the rights of the consumers and informing the public.No doubt there's a lot of corruption in those countries as well. But at least people there seem to react, with, at some extent, result.No more pain in the neck?

  19. It's impossible to get into politics and remain untainted. Even the best leader has to compromise and if the foundation is already rancid, that'd the game over for honest men.But while the majority of true believers are willing to swallow what they are told, then things will go on with business as usual.How are things with you anyway. I hope you are all settled in by now?

  20. Odd that. I seemed to get a signal for the cessation of hostilities. Never realised it could do that.Do you get aches and pains according to the weather?I think that there is a wipe-out for some people in the phases that produce large quakes. That would explain the spates of accidents. Not that I am saying they can be excused of course.If you are feeling a little dopey and off the mark, you should not be pushing 300 tons of passenger laden aluminium through the sky.Unfortunately when you are airborne, you may cross the line before you can recognise it. Maybe it is universal or maybe it is a ley-line thing. I don't know.Got any of them near you?

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