Bank Bail-outs

Politicians attempt to preserve the status quo. That is why they carefully manage news; why they don't want the Internet to remain free; why opposition parties get outlawed; why teachers, lawyers and people who can think for themselves get disappeared.

Why expert witnesses "commit suicide".
Or not, as the case may be. …

Today they are making a push to make banks behave like banks -without removing the criminals in charge of them. Interesting timing.

What's happening is that small businesses -even fairly big ones JCB and Wedgewood locally for example are going to the wall because their customers can't get loans. They can't get loans because banks would rather oust mortgage payers than let them hang on.

So nobody is buying diggers and crockery. Pubs can't sell beer would you believe? 1,973 closed last year. Nobody is buying cars, fridges, Hoovers, tellies, hair dryers, tools, paint, all sorts of things. And the shops selling them can't give them away. And now the governments are seeing what has happened with the money they gave the banks.


And so the governments see that they have to get tough -or talk tough, and hand out yet more gold. The trouble is the more gold in circulation the less people want to buy it. And not only do the governments run out of gold, what they have left is worth less.

So supermarkets making 70 pence on a cabbage pay the farmer half that -10 pence less than his costs. So the farmer goes broke, which he can afford to do as the bank will lend him money based on the value of his land. Eventually the farmer will give up. Eventually all the lies the EU have been telling and all the petty cons being worked with it will become evident.

You can't rob Peter to pay Paul if Peter is being robbed. He'll be better off declaring bankrupt and walking away. The same thing is true if Peter is a small butcher or a shoe salesman. People will just say: "screw it, go and buy it from Poland or China."

Which we did.

Previously if a town in one part of the country was making a profit that other towns could not compete with, they cornered the market and that was just business. When other countries were doing that sort of thing to each other that was economies and the banks had to regulate things.

Now it is supermarkets against small shops that are killing "the economy". Something nobody cared about at one time. How could they? They didn't know about factory farming and what it would do to farms that abstained from poisoning their crops.

But that's another subject.

What the politicians are not telling you while they are protecting you from "terrrrsts", is that you are free to sue the individuals that sold you an unsafe loan. They don't want you to. They are intent on preserving things the way they are.

If there are any groups intent on turning the carts over, things will be put in their way. But there are tenacious people out there who will stand up to them. And there is always the disappearing squads.

Why not? They own the banks.


One thought on “Bank Bail-outs

  1. Toxic Loans are something that would not be a problem if the bankers were hauled out of their offices and put into gaols. At the moment they are hiding stuff that new management would be free to declare.That is why, in the good old days, a King would drag the duds out by their heels and chop off their heads.It's a good example for thieves and it stops the rot. Dead!Of course in the good old days a stupid king could last considerably longer than the chimpanzee has. And still go around dragging people off by the heels.It would be like living in China or Burma. Or being a Moslem in the USA.

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