Mentally Challenged

It's not just the people in gaol that need locking up …

Originally posted by The Inquirer:

The government might have to block the extradition of Gary McKinnon to face hacking charges in the US because the process might shatter his mental health.

A Judicial Review will consider whether extraditing someone with Asperger's Syndrome constitutes torture under Article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights. Justice Kay described the effect a foreign trial and imprisonment would have on someone with Asperger's Syndrome.

"The presence of AS leaves Mr McKinnon vulnerable to the stress of social complexities as well as anything that is unfamiliar or novel to him. If he finds himself in circumstances where he is unable to withdraw from complex environments he is likely to deelop pathological anxiety and given the presence of a developmental disorder he will be prone to develop an acute psychotic disorder," Justice Kay read to the court. "Others, particularly fellow prisoners, are unlikely to have much sympathy with Mr McKinnon's innate difficulties,".

A prison environment would be tough enough in an English culture, let alone in another country, the report added. Simon Baron Cohen, Cambridge University expert in autism, had supplied clinical evidence to support this view.

Jacqui Smith, the UK Home Secretary, claimedn that Asperger's was no reason to stop someone serving time in a foreign jail and that she would not allow Gary's condition to halt his extradition. The Home Secretary had said she couldn't understand how a foreign judicial process could be any more stressful for an Aspergic than being prosecuted in their home country.

What a dumbass.

To start with he won't get visitation no matter what rights there are. In Britain a person can buy or have fetched in little luxuries under certain circumstances -good behaviour mostly. How will a soft top know what to ask for?

I don't know what US prison faciliteies are like but the bedding in UK ones is tatty and derelict at best. Could his mam bring him a game-boy or a music player one weekrend perhaps? What the hell is wrong in trying him in a country where he broke the damned law anyway?


But just take a look at what that damned loser wants us to put up with. Radio emitting identity devices we'd have to pay a lot of money for and eternal locking up of the soul:

Originally posted by Wilpedia:

On 24 January 2008 she announced new sweeping powers for the police, including the proposal to hold "terrorist suspects" or those "linked to terrorism" for forty-two days without charge. In the same month she admitted that she would not feel safe on the street of London at night. Compounded by her suggestion that walking on streets at night was not "a thing that people do".

In June 2008 she wrote a letter to the National Union of Journalists stating that police may "restrict or monitor photography in certain circumstances".

Whilst being Home Secretary was pleased to announce that minor crime has dropped year on year under the Labour government, and continued to do so in 2008. Her officials, however, acknowledge that major crimes such as serious assault, rape and murder have increased year-on-year under the Labour government and are at their highest level since at least 1997.

Jacqui Smith managed to pass the 42 day detention law plans in the House of Commons, despite heavy opposition. The House of Lords crushingly defeated the law, with Lords characterising it as "fatally flawed, ill thought through and unnecessary", stating that "it seeks to further erode […] fundamental legal and civil rights".

She is pushing through legislation for ID cards, they are to become compulsory for foreign students and airport staff. The cards will cost "£30" but the true figure is likely to be double this. She has claimed, despite evidence to the contrary, that the majority of the population is in favour of the scheme.

Smith has said that she was not told and should not have been told in November 2008 of the impending arrest of Damian Green, a Conservative Member of Parliament who had publicised several leaks causing embarrassment to her department. Her position was attacked by her Conservative shadow Dominic Grieve who accused her of "wilful ignorance" and by her Labour predecessor John Reid who described her as "placid" and said that he would have wanted to be told and to express a view on such an action.

The entry on her in the Wiki is very friendly.

Originally posted by Times Online:

Official crime statistics were this morning in disarray after it emerged that 18 of the 43 English and Welsh police forces have been under-recording serious violent crime for up to a decade.


14 thoughts on “Mentally Challenged

  1. I have no doubt the government or its institutions are hacking or using hackers. I gave up believing such a thing as privacy still exists since … the eighties.Phew, now you know why I wear pyjamas.

  2. Divide et impera. It is still working and I can't see the lots of us clinging together, making one big front against any evil coming.I see people aroiund here return from their jobs, hasting into their own private sheltered lives. The unity seems to be broken and no one seems to give a damn.

  3. And yet all it takes for the wicked to win is for all good men to do nothing. The Jehovah's go around knocking on doors mainly for their own protection in my opinion.If they keep busy trying to do what is right they have less time to mess around doing what I do and getting misled. And they build a shield too in that they can not change their minds easily as the rest of us when push comes to shove.Not that I think they are brain washed. Far from it. Well most of them. Some are as batty as chickens but then all religions attract that sort of person.The best thing about them is that they don't keep secrets. Not that they are tell tales and gossips. But they shout it from the mountain tops just like Jesus said.God hasn't designed the earth to hide liars. I know that.

  4. You can only spend what you have. Unfortunately the infrastructure encouraged debt just to keep it all going. They are talking about investigating the Royal Bank of Scotland. But not before they gave the head crook a golden handshake of many millions.In the good old days such men would do the decent thing and head from the top of the Empire States Building into a basket of apples. How times have changed, eh?I think the government should be investigated.Fat chance.Patience grasshopper.

  5. I can remember when people were neighbours. Now they call that sort of thing intrering.But there is good too, people were dullards blindly lead now we are all radicalised. Maybe god will shake us all out to match each other and sort weach other out. I can put you right you can try and reason with my brainwashed mind.And we will never meet.JCB a massively profiable and well run company has just laid off a lot of staff. In the days before people had bank accounts companies like the Co-Operative Society would arrange credit for it's members. It was an idea that gave birth to building societies.Then they became banks now no one can afford their mortgages.Rather than pay the criminals to sort themselves out, the governmet -especially a Socialist government that was founded by people who needed these things after all, why not cut out the bloody crooks lock stock and barrel?Not going to happen while the crooks run everything though.

  6. Sad isn't it. And it puts honest people off voting. Which means the only people who vote are dishonest or stupid.Or ready to riot.

  7. Same thing happened here a good six months ago as you probably remember.Handshake, investigation, bankruptcy, injecting tax payers money.If the crooks are too shy to ask for it, the government itself will gladly assist.

  8. The Home Secretary had said she couldn't understand how a foreign judicial process could be any more stressful for an Aspergic than being prosecuted in their home country.

    I can't see how anyone would fail to be extra stressed by facing a foreign court as opposed to one at home. Why does she imagine it wouldn't apply to a mentally ill person?Because someone who is mentally ill must be mad? What could her thinking be?I can't see any logical explanation. Even criminally intent to do her master's bidding, she'd need to make some form of sense. There is not one iota of sense in that is there?Are US courts famous for ease of transit? Cheap to work? Are there better facilities? Are they known to expedite foreigners with leniency? Has he got friends and family there?No. No. No. No and: No.Do they deal harshly with computer crimes?Yes. Very much so. Unreasonably so. Corruptly so. Insanely so.Take a look at Groklaw. It is surreal over there.

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