Go! Shell!

Shell managed to make a small profit last year. …

We’re going well, we’re going Shell,
We’re going well on Shell, Shell, Shell,
Keep going well, keep going Shell,
You can be sure of Shell!


We're having fun
We're getting done
We're being shafted by Shell, Shell, Shell
Keep having fun
Keep getting done
We're being shafted by Shell

The Nigerian government hanged 9 environmental activists in 1995 for speaking out against exploitation by Royal Dutch/Shell and the Nigeria government.

"The most conspicuous aspects of life in contemporary Ogoni are poverty, malnutrition, and disease."
-Ben Naanen, Oil and Socioeconomic Crisis in Nigeria, 1995.

Although oil from Ogoniland has provided approximately $30 billion to the economy of Nigeria1, the people of Ogoni see little to nothing…

When crude oil touches the leaf of a yam or cassava, or whatever economic trees we have, it dries immediately, it's so dangerous. I did not go to University but I know that what you have been saying in the university sleeps with me here so you cannot be more qualified in crude oil than myself who sleeps with crude oil.
-Chief GNK Gininwa of Korokoro, "The Drilling Fields", Glenn Ellis (Director), 1994

Since Shell began drilling oil in Ogoniland in 1958, the people of Ogoniland have had pipelines built across their farmlands and in front of their homes, suffered endemic oil leaks from these very pipelines, been forced to live with the constant flaring of gas.


So that's how it is done.
And finally: Who are the real terrrrsts here.

Without a reason to complain most people's politics are the middle of the road variety. Extremism and terrorism even just indignation and letters of complaint; only come after years of attrition and reason for radial action.

Something has to "radicalise" people. And it has to be a genuine grievance wholeheartedly felt across the whole spectrum of any society before enough people will fall into line behind conflict. You must know how hard it is to get anyone's attention for more than a moment? So how hard can it be to get a rabble roused and to keep them agitated for decades?

I'd say impossible unless there are evils like the huge multinational conglomerates causing mass detruction.

What would it take to get them to clean up their act? They have some of the finest engineers in the world. Why can't they behave with decency?


3 thoughts on “Go! Shell!

  1. Funny thing in a propaganda coup, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez donates oil in a charity to Alaskans. (Probably not to soccer moms though.)

  2. You would think that with the finest engineers in the world they would be able to clean up their act and extract the needed oil without going through farmlands and other populated areas. Doesn't make sense.

  3. I can't understand why they have to falre off all their natural gas.I can't understand what they have against the locals. It doen't make any business sense doe it?

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