New User

I have just locked myself out of my other account. …

I was messing around with the keyboard controls after greasing the keys. (I took the Insert, Home, pages Up and Down keys, Delete, End, and the scoll arrows off and put a little grease under them. It stopped them sticking but opened an advice window that I just had to flaff around with.

Next thing all the settings had changed and my keyboard wouldnt work.

So I had to come in on different account. I can't for the life of me remember what I did or how to reopen the window.

And I don't have bookmarks or settings on this user account. I can't even find the TV page.

Serves me right.


6 thoughts on “New User

  1. Yup, serves you right for cleaning. Every once in a while, I buy one of those cans of compressed air which seems to work pretty good. It has a thin tube thingy that gets down in between the keys. Then if I want to really get anal about it, I take a Q-tip dipped in Windex and clean the keys. That's isn't too often though.

  2. What annoyed me was that I have an extensive collection of chats I will now have to move. And I still can't fathom why the keyboard works in this user account but not in the other.And I can't use the keyboard in that account to find out. I suppose I could just zip the lot off to Opera. I'll have to look at my options later.How are you these days?

  3. I will get onto the Microsoft help site for XP later. Meantime I dragged everything off the User account to the Admin one. Now I need to create another account to surf without admin priviledge.So what's in the PM then. Good news of a dollar earned I hope.

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