What they look like when they tell us lies.

You know when a politician is telling you lies because you can see his lips moving. …

The Prime Mincer of Britain was caught with his pants down today over the walk-outs all over Britain concerning the abuse of European labour laws.

What has happened is that there is a dispute from British building fabricators, the sort of engineers responsible for the huge metal structures in plants such as oil refineries. The companies involved so far are:
Sellafield nuclear recycling plant.
Heysham nuclear power station.
Fiddlers Ferry and Longannet power stations.
Grangemouth oil refinery

Originally posted by The Telegraph.co.uk:

Staff at the Sellafield nuclear recycling facility in Cumbria walked out this morning. They were joined by staff at Heysham nuclear power station in neighbouring Lancashire. Workers at sites affected by industrial action last week walked out again today.

Brown has insisted that clarification of European Union law and European Court of Justice decisions will allow people to see that discrimination doesn't take place in future.

The Secretary of State for Business, Lord Mandelson, has backed the site's owners Total S.A., telling the BBC that the company had "very strongly refuted" the allegations and that he believed them to be right. He added that the media was "feeding this xenophobia".

He added that he hoped the rebuttal would calm the situation, saying: "I hope in the light of that, people will be reassured and call off these unofficial disputes".

How could anyone fail to be mollified by the friend of a Russian gangster? A man whose sexual proclivities would have barred him from any decent company in more privileged times.

In the meantime: It's not xenophobia when the first time you hear reports of available employment is when foreign workers arrive to do it and decent men walk out in protest.

Nor can it be said that "the media" is feeding the frenzy when the first reports of the event have only come to light during the employee's actions. Which action, by the way, are only receiving minimal coverage.

It's barely getting more than a few minutes on the national news. The Palestinians got more coverage during the recent Israeli genocidal mania.

The crux of the PM's argument is that the

clarification of European Union law and European Court of Justice decisions will allow people to see that discrimination doesn't take place in future.

Which should read that "after decades of EU bureaucracy, outright corruption and concomitant criminal stupidity, employment laws between member states in the European Union are still badly in need of clarification and repair."

In the 1970's I knew a man who did a lot of work for estate agents. He told me that if they couldn't sell an house, they'd just put the price up. In the middle of that decade Margarat Thatcher came to power and sold off all the council houses.

That put a massive brake on the sale of housing in the open market and stopped the chain with a sudden snap. That market had obviously outpaced reality and started to overheat, with people putting up prices just because they could.

Now they were stuck with exorbitant loans and people who needed to sell up and move, couldn't. In the end the housing slump was cured by the government forbidding the local councils from investing in more public housing.

They were in fact ordered to keep their money in the banks. A nice present for her peers, that one. After that, the 1980's gave birth to a bunch of rich sissies called young upwardly mobiles: Yuppies.

"The City" was awash with make believe money. Something akin to the shenanigans in the film "The Boiler Room" where people were pretending to sell investments to gullible customers over the phone.

Once the money web spread out, people restarted buying and selling in the provinces once more. And once again the house prices reached astronomical numbers. I worked for one man who was putting up prices on starter homes (small two bedroomed two storied houses with tiny gardens and garages you couldn't open a car door in) by as much as a thousand pounds every few weeks.

It was daylight robbery. There was so much work available that trained builders were hard to find. Firms had stopped investing in youth training years ago. So the larger firms went abroad to find workers. This lead to a massive drain on the economy, as the workers lived cheaply and sent all the money home. And that situation was compounded by British house buyers going abroad to purchase.

In France and Italy a young family is welcome to settle almost anywhere in the rural areas as they can make the difference in local schools remaining open or having to close. In Eastern Europe, huge properties with large fields were available at prices that a starter home would cost over here.

And the bubble burst.

I am not xenophobic. Foreign workers sweep out the infrastructure of a local economy. Governments, by their nature, are immune to foreign worker's competition. The only time they are threatened is in war.

So what they know about economics they can write on their lavatory pans with their arses. A far more provenant use of their main cognitive facilities, INMNVHO.

A local economy relies on the rate of pay of the residents. If some are paid too much, other rates tend to vary with them. That is why we have rich "stock broker belts" and poor "housing estates". If any of it breaks down and a section goes out of work for a long period, businesses that tend to cater for them suffer and that in turn produces a knock-on effect.

Telling lies about international ideals is no help to anybody. And when you percieve the liar is gawping at his own mendacity, you can use their facial expressions reanalyse your opinions about other things he has said.

A classic case was the George Bush landmark speech in which he addressed the global warming argument.

It was a major weakness in his politics that all "His Base" were the rich, corrupt oil pirates. And to get re-elected he needed to tell bold lies about the conditions of the industry he worked for and its effect on the atmosphere.

His keepers bought him the best corrupt PR spinner on the subject and he filled him full of misleading half truths, the implications of which he did not have even the slightest grasp.

So when he stood up to call the critics liars, he stumbled, hesitated and then stumbled a bit more before entirely screwing it up in his much immitated, inimitable style.

I'll see if any videos come to light and post links if they do. The cretins are so obvious in hindsight the whole idiocy of their regime can be measured from watching them tell such obvious fibs.

Or, maybe not:


5 thoughts on “What they look like when they tell us lies.

  1. Ooh, you are awful, but I like you! It's not so bad, Standard Oil are now investing in hundreds of turbines across the desolate Texan mesa.

  2. I just applied for 5 here in Lincs, up near the Killinghome refinery. The Unions are out to try and force labour out…again. And, as we know, they have plenty to work with. They were playing an ion heater beam on them over the w/e to placate and shut them up. Sky and clouds was like something out of a B sci fi movie. Have a look for 'earthquake clouds'..

  3. That was a long post wasn't it. I went off topic but managed to drag it back. I'd love to find those two dweebs' recent utterances online in video. The Bush one is a cert.The sheer brass face of the lies is almost breathtaking. Mandleson has been done three times for his crooked deals. ANY integrity the the present puppet may have had is blown to the four winds now.It's not as if it is difficult to track job offers these days they are online for anyone to check:http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/Internet/setLocale.do?country=GB&language=en&page=/initialise.doWhat on earth did they think they were going to get away with? The world and its wife can look it up for themselves. See for yourself how many construction jobs are available anywhere.There are no factory jobs either.

  4. [quote-53north]I just applied for 5 here in Lincs, up near the Killinghome refinery. The Unions are out to try and force labour out…again. And, as we know, they have plenty to work with. They were playing an ion heater beam on them over the w/e to placate and shut them up. Sky and clouds was like something out of a B sci fi movie. Have a look for 'earthquake clouds'..[/quote]The unions want the labour force out? Now? In the USA? Why?What does an ion heater do? And what is a w/e?I have written about earthquake clouds in times past. Are you the occasional poster about them on sge? If so I gave you a critique a couple of times.Do you remember that Mel Gibson movie about earthquakes and politics? Well there is a definite relationship with downed airliners and large magnitude quakes. I used to run a thread on there about that.I see no reason that resonances in the cusp of human senses can have a dulling effect on human actions leading to error.And, perhaps, unusual clouds.

  5. W/e is weekend. The unions are makin trouble like Scargill tried to..force the Labour Govt to choose a new leader. No, I only post on here. The ionospheric heaters are what the Yanks and Russians were bequethed by Tesla. Scalar weaponry, I've posted a bit on my blog about them. Communications weapon, tweak the frequency and you have a crowd control thingummy.

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