Britain’s National Health Service computer faults.

Would they lie to you? …

The number of severe faults in NHS computer systems has almost doubled in the last three years. 820 of them are recorded as critical faults -critical to patient care.

Up to 5,000 NHS computer users were affected at one time – these figures have risen from 488 back in 2006.

Last October the recorded number of critical faults more than doubled from 71 in September to 165 in relation to a problem on two particular machines. According to NHS Connecting for Health, the £12.7 billion National Programme for IT (NPfIT) rollout has suffered from its own disease for four years.

It's hard to believe that no-one has died because of this. Of course it has to be said that our doctors are wonderful and we don't have rampant MRSA anymore.

It's such a pity the wards are over run by inexperienced foreign workers. They are so filthy dirty that they stink. And morale is so low among all hospital staff patient care is at best minimal.

Cleaning service contracts are handed out to immigation-gang-masters, working on the cheapest rate contracts with people who are semi-literate and have difficulty with the English language.

And basically the ethos among doctors is that they can (and do regularly) get away with murder.


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