An uncertain unsable spell.

Maybe. …

9th February 14:49
16th February 21:37
25th February 01:35

I had a crick in my neck and left shoulder yesterday evening. So I was expecting a couple of Mag 6.5s or a 7.3. That was last night though not the Kepulauan quake. And the target window wa Tonga/Fiji not 6.2 2009/02/15 10:04:52 -5.835 -80.880 35.6 NEAR THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU.

At least it eased off for the night.

Ok late start for this one but here goes:
16th of February another spell thatis on the cusp of a change. This unstable spell is between thundery and vulcanic.

I noticed a negative pressure system in the North Atlantic but am too busy picking up the traces again to have allowed it much time. I just saved the image and moved on. 22:00 is one of "those" spells. xx:40 is one of "those" spells too.

There is a 1030 High in the North Atlantic at the moment the pressure is giving us a nice day but with a biting wind. Otherwise it is a nnegative NAO spell as it the case with the North Pacific. So I think we can expect som meore volcanic stuff.

Wasn't this the same sort of spell that the Japanese eruption occurred on? I think I did mention it somewhere. I'll get my act together for tomorrow -I hope. Please bear with me until then.



10 thoughts on “21:37

  1. There is an High over Ireland and SW Britain at the moment it holds two anomalies:1. It should be providing clear skies and warm weather by day with frosty nights.2. It is the only high pressure area that is not unusually low. Or rather the whole of the North East North Atlantic would be in a "negative oscillation" if not for that High.It has been cloudy with a low overcast and a biting wind -which I am presuming is from the west (which should be a warm sector wind. So?)

  2. Something (I don't know how unusual) about the North Atlantic chart at the moment:A small High in the Davis Straight is compressing the Low over Greenland. It is sandwiched between that Low and one over Canada.Another aspect of that is the lack of interaction between them. Think about it:If it was a dynamic system, not a series of standing waves from an as yet unidentified cause, the system would react to itself by the heat exchange and pressure flow you would expecrt from gasses.

  3. If the two low pressure systems showing on the 00:00h sea level pressure Canadian Ensemble, valid for 21st February 2009, cross the line at the same time, it will be informative what quakes they produce in the Aleutians.(For: "they produce" read: "occur with".)

  4. So far there is a dominant High over the coast of Europe that is fairly high. All the other pressure systems are distinctly volcanic in their nature that is a negative NAO.More than that I can not say.It would appear that a tiny little High at 6.33 N 66.6W is deflating all the Lows that should otherwise build up at the Mid Atlantic Ridge. If god wanted to reward me for all my good deeds he would tell me WTF is going on."I'm playing with your head, son of man.""Bugger!"http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/albums/show.dml?id=698353What is interesting about this?The Lows that should be two deep ones: The Lows around 55N. 45W. and 65N. 0E. are, as far as I can determine -because of the parallax on my 21" CRT monitor, more or less the same proportional distances apart. Allowing for mercator problems that is.In which case, they are "like" triangles.I wonder what that could indicate. What acoustical properties would be the cause of that? I want to know.So tell me Jehovah. If you please.And don't try and kid me it is just human error. I know they are a bunch of losers but at least they are trying.

  5. Meanwhile back at base camp:There is a massive Low in the middle of the North Pacific at the moment (near midnight 22nd February 2009) and a companion hight to the west of it sending smoke signals and a lot of snow to the Arctic Ocean.Now snow carries in it a lot of associated oxygen. I hesitate to say dissolved but it was such when the water was a gas. Now with the fumarolicaic activity there is sulphur dioxide in it too. And other VOGonic stuffa.So plenty of regeneration for the ice in the arctic and maybe a chance for the sea to replenish cod and other fish stock. And for humans to get in there and sweep it clean before there is time for god to think.I wonder why he lets us breathe sometimes. Maybe he wants to see how far creation can go before we choke on our abilities to to destroy it?Anyway it will be a few more days before the reports are published. And the spell changes for deep Lows in the North Atlantic.

  6. Last day for this spell and I should have been paying more attention but my fire went out.Things aught to be starting to change in North America today. With us tomorrow but a cold wind is being replaced by a misty even foggy spell. It should go to dark clouds, warmth and a lot of rain.Or not as the case may be.I've just looked at the FNMOC GFS charts for the North Pacific. They do a model run out to 10 days. On the 27th the high gets pretty intense. It reaches nearly 1050 millibars. This is a couple of days after the spell has changed of course.And I haven't been following events in the North Pacific at all. So look to another volcanic eruption if the North Atlantic is anything to go by.One more problem with that is that I think I noticed that some Lows were going backwards before the Japanese eruption a few days ago. Although the Lows are behaving oddly, they are not retrograde. As far as I could see at any rate. I admit my efforts have been cursory at best.Still… never mind, eh?

  7. You have to play with this address as it wants to be fed certificates all the time:https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/efs/cgi-bin/efs_loop.cgi?strt=0&incr=12&stop=240&imagePrefix=US058VMET-GIFwxg.EFS.no_pac_gale_&title=FNMOC%20EFS%20Gale%20Probability%20Forecasts%20(Northern%20Pacific%20Basin)You might just try using the first part of it:https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil ……… /efs/cgi-bin/efs_loop.cgi?strt=0&incr=12&stop=240&imagePrefix=US058VMET-GIFwxg.EFS.no_pac_gale_&title=FNMOC%20EFS%20Gale%20Probability%20Forecasts%20(Northern%20Pacific%20Basin)… and work your way in from there:https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/efs/efs.html

  8. February 22nd, 2009 Liz Fabian, The Macon Telegraph, Ga.Ten tornadoes, one packing winds of more than 160 mph, touched down in parts of Georgia, USA, on Wednesday, [the 18th February 2009] the National Weather Service said Friday. The storms caused an estimated $25 million in insured losses."I spent some time surveying damage and talking to residents in Jasper, Putnam and Hancock Counties" on Friday, Oxendine, the state's insurance commissioner, said. "I believe claims will easily reach $25 million. Actual losses are much higher when you consider things like infrastructure damage and uninsured losses."Severe storms across the state unleashed twisters across 13 counties, ranging in strength from EF-0 at Robins Air Force Base to an EF-4 with winds of up to 166 mph in Wilkes County, according to a preliminary report from the weather service.Gov. Sonny Perdue issued an executive order Friday declaring a state of emergency in Hancock and three other Georgia counties affected by severe weather that passed through the state late Wednesday, injuring 22 others. The emergency areas also include Jasper, Thomas and Warren counties.The first EF-0 twister was reported in Taylor County on Tommy Purvis Jr. Road about 5:45 p.m. One home was damaged, a mobile home was shifted off its foundation and trees crashed down in the tornado, which touched down intermittently over three to four miles with a 100-foot-wide path and winds of 70 mph.Here: http://www.physorg.com/news154541783.html and here:http://www.macon.com/news/local/story/627253.htmlSo maybe there will be some more. I have no idea. The storm prediction's account of events is on here:http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/090218_rpts.html

  9. These North Atlantic Lows have been behaving mush as they would had their pressures been lower. That is to say that they have been tracking up to Iceland and Oh… wait….Back soon.

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