Welcome back, Mike.

Coo! …

Good old Windows.

How can you tell when you have a driver problem?

When you try everything you can think of…
….two or three times.

Then lose count and get a bout of depression and smash the offending hardware.

Then uninstall the now surplus to requirements drivers.

Then have another go.

I've got another USB wireless thingie…
Shall I?

Maybe without the driver?


3 thoughts on “Welcome back, Mike.

  1. I was there almost one year ago. But it was a virus that someone sent me that I knew. I'd opened the email from this person and shortly thereafter all hell broke loose on my pc. My virus scan didn't stop it. I didn't get depressed though. I was horrified and angry at what kept popping up on my screen whenever I tried to do something. So I unplugged everything and there it sat for three or four days. I called my computer guy thinking he would refuse to fix it. He'd always fixed my old pc but his small company had also been my ISP. For some reason I thought he'd be mad or only worked on certain kinds of computers. People keep saying that if you have a Mac you don't have these kinds of problems like you and I had/have. But who has the money for a new computer?

  2. I have had time to ponder all that bad news lately and I think it can only make me ill. What do I care about missing Monopoly money?When we thought we had it we didn't use it to help anyone. Rather the reverse, killing lots of women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan because of what someone else asked somebody totally unrelated to kill themstupidselves doing.Well at least it is nice to know that Tony Blair has a good conscience about it all. And at least he is still making good money. Him and his cheap wife.I wouldn't wipe my bum with either of them. So what do I care what they all do?

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