Helicopter down

Date: April 1, 2009 Time: 14:00
Location: Off Crimond, Scotland
Aboard: 16 Fatalities: 16 Ground: 0

The helicopter crashed 35 miles East of Crimond in the North Sea while transporting oil workers. …

I collected a few news reports of aircrashes some time back for posting on a thread in an earthquakes newsgroup.

Then last year I got a number of hits that didn't fit the schema I was looking at. Up to then air crashes occurred when a massive earthquake happened.

Recently the effect is seen only with earthquakes in the magnitude range 6 to 7M. A sharp drop in the intensity.

But it has just occurred to me that these calamities have been occurring during the so called unusual "borrowed day" spells. One of which we had with the volcanic eruptions in the news and this one which can be seen as pending:



3 thoughts on “Helicopter down

  1. When you consider that the engine behind volcanic action is supposed to be that heavy upper mantle is falling below lighter hotter stuff and steam and other gas inducing pressures work their way up and blow off the upper layers of the earth…You have to wonder at the unusual ability of all these updraughts to be constrained into conical reservoirs.It seems more likely to me that the magma they produce initially is light bubbled matter, called pumice, evolved as the rock crystals cool in unprotected waters, becomes an heat shield jacket allowing later releases to cool more slowly.These outer layers are then overtopped by yet more pumice as the next eruption takes place. All very well known. The structure of volcanoes is one of water rich layers sandwiched between impervious ones.The thing is the time factors involved allow all this massive pressure release to be directed into these same vents time and again.I suppose it might be possible. But…. all the time?

  2. 6.3 at PNG with warnings from Vanuatu:http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/index.cfm?content=maps#vanuatuOr maybe not:Subject: FVPS01 NZKL 262131Using the default value of DTIME= 1.00 hoursNWXX01 EGRR 262135 2009085 2137262135FF EGRRYMYV262131 NZKLYMYXFVPS01 NZKL 262131VA ADVISORYDTG: 20090326/2131ZVAAC: WELLINGTONVOLCANO: AMBRYM 507-04PSN: S1615 E16807AREA: VANUATUSUMMIT ELEV: 1334MADVISORY NR: 2009/10INFO SOURCE: PORT VILA TOWER. PIREP.ERUPTION DETAILS: VOLCANO NO LONGER ERUPTING. PILOT REPORTS SMOKEAROUND AMBRYM.OBS VA DTG: 26/2100ZEST VA CLD: VA NOT IDENTIFIABLE FROM SATELLITE DATA.FCST VA CLD+6HR: NO VA EXP.FCST VA CLD+12HR: NO VA EXP.FCST VA CLD+18HR: NO VA EXP.RMK: PILOT AT FL100 OVER AMBRYM COULD NOT DISTINGUISHBETWEEN CLOUD AND SMOKE.NXT ADVISORY: NO FURTHER ADVISORIES.http://www.ssd.noaa.gov/VAAC/OTH/NZ/MSG0852141.01.txtBut then again:Tornado havoc in 11 villages Satyasundar Barik Rajkanika (Orissa): The tornado that ripped across 11 villages in Kendrapara district of Orissa on Tuesday left behind a trail of devastation. Images of the destruction caused by the “super cyclone” about 10 years ago flashed across the mind as one entered the villages through which the killer tornado passed by. Hardly any thatched house was intact. Even concrete roofs were not spared and several of them were thrown at a distance. Many houses also developed cracks.The official death toll was put at 13. More than 200 people were injured, mostly by coming under walls and big trees and efforts were on to trace more persons under the debris.http://www.hindu.com/2009/04/02/stories/2009040255421100.htm

  3. It is very much a matter of chasing the wind if you would be like god in understanding the mechanics of the planets.

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