If I was god.

I've been trying to puzzle out how I'd arrange things if I was god and had to deal with people so far divorced from me they suspect that no such things as dieties exist. …

All our weaknesses all our lives Satanic forces probe with knives
So how are frightened souls to know if holy spirtit fools forgo?
All our lives are filled with doubt and no faith to help us out

How can we find the way to go once god's spirit we don't know?

You can't have faith unless you know. Faith is the assurance you get when you have checked and double checked and then checked again. You absolutely KNOW that when the switch is thrown the circuit completes. All the dominoes HAVE to fall in the right order in the right direction.

And you know all that because you have installed a failsafe device. And double checked that. Then gone over it all again.

The term faithful means completing a perfect pattern of conformity. And this conformity confirms your faith.

In other words; you can't have faith in anything until you have mastered every aspect of the problem you hope to supply an answer to. Until you know all the reasons why an event might not work out and the main reasons why it could go wrong.

So how are you supposed to have any faith in a god you don't, won't and can't believe in?

How are you supposed to have faith in something that every line of your reasoning tells you there is no god?

How would you prove yourself in all your magnificence if you were our creator? Apart from providing every individual with their own personal testament or miracle, you'd have to have something that stands up in court against the charge of coersion, threat or blackmail.

Reason and logic?

Is that enough?

It requires that the people who are so convinced of the rightness of their beliefs they must examine every aspect of every religion professing to study and worship the original and most true. Something their reasoning and logic tells them is impossible and unwarranted.

So now you know why I am not god. I don't know how to do it.


8 thoughts on “If I was god.

  1. The trouble with appealing to biblical text is that the apostacy from god in the renaissance started with the church of England and spread to the church of Rome.Now no-one raised in them in significant numbers is that fearlessly grounded on the one true rock so as to have faith that will move mountains.Nevertheless the text that remains is alledged to be inspired. Is it possible that he set up a chosen nation and a chosen one for us who have little or no faith to believe in?

  2. Hiya Lanky.I was just wondering how the bible is supposed to appeal to people who have been specifically put OFF the bible.Just because god made marvellous things happen as signs to the surrounding nations and condemned a majority of them etc, could we take that as a reason for signing up?It wouldn't impress me without a lot of brainwashing.And yet I am a believer. I wonder how that works. Tradition? Fear? hoping for a reward? I'm not particularly nice. Far from it in fact. So what is my interest in it for?Shame? "Come on god; hide me."?Just some long overdue introspection.

  3. Originally posted by Dubiyah's spin doctor Alberto GONkcarelessZALES:

    I do worry a little bit… about about justices on the court making decisions based on what they think makes them feel good. I don’t think it’s fair to expect society to anticipate the outcome of a case based upon what makes a justice feel good. In essence what you’re saying, I think, is that I’m going to, I don’t care what the law says, I’m going to come out, I’m going to pursue an outcome that I think is fair and just. I’m going to rewrite the law. And I think that’s dangerous.

    I highlighted this bit: "decisions based on what they think makes them feel good." precisely because it is the only reason Tony Bloody Liar had for joining the illict pact to carve up Iraq and Afghanistan.Originally posted by Slate magazine:

    Once More, Without FeelingThe GOP's misguided and confused campaign against judicial empathy.By Dahlia LithwickUpdated Monday, May 11, 2009, at 7:15 PM ETOne is surely entitled to say that President Obama's repeated claim that he seeks "empathy" in a replacement for Justice David Souter is something less than a crisp constitutional standard. But the Republican war on empathy has started to border on the deranged, and you can't help but wonder to what purpose.As used by the president, the word empathy does not strike me as "code" for anything. I don't believe he used it as a proxy for female or for varied life experiences or for something that exists outside of the law at all.Empathy does not mean favoring only the poor, women, or minorities in every dispute. Again quoting from The Audacity of Hope:"Empathy … calls us all to task, the conservative and the liberal, the powerful and the powerless, the oppressed and the oppressor. We are all shaken out of our complacency. We are all forced beyond our limited vision." What a tragically crabbed worldview one must have to believe that empathy means being sensitive only to "groups A, B, and C" because they share certain features or beliefs with you. That isn't empathy—that's bias.True empathy means… the ability to recognize the ways your own experiences color your judgment. Empathy means knowing what you don't know and questioning why you think you know what you do. Empathy means being impartial toward all litigants without being blind to the consequences of your decisions. You can send up such concerns as gooey judicial sentimentalism, unmoored from any fixed legal principle. Or you can admit that judging requires acts of judgment beyond the mechanical application of law to facts and that it's best for judges to know when the mechanical act of deciding cases gives way to ideology and personal preference. Empathy isn't sloppy sentiment. It's not ideology.

    http://www.slate.com/id/2218103/pagenum/all/#p2It is in fact everything the last presidunce wanted in his judiciary. People capable of not being swayed by their political leanings.Oh wait…Which reminds me of another religious puzzle I had.What is the sin against the holy spirit?Is it in committing too many errors of judgement or going against what you know to be true because you just want to do wrong?Or is it the failure to make full use of a lifegiving power stream?

  4. So now you know why I am not god. I don't know how to do it.

    Better master and spread more slow cooker recipes than…you know…

  5. Are you sure you read this thread correctly?There again, when you consider food and all its aspects and how almost every flavour can be improved in the cooking. It's almost as if the creator designed vegetables to blend with animals just for other creatures to cook them.It's difficult to imagine a way of heating them together that doesn't either burn them or improve them. OK kippers and custard are not the best of mixes but then a kipper has been cooked twice if boiled in custard.Can't imagine slow cooking kippers in custard will reduce it to a more savoury aspect. Can't see me trying it too neither.

  6. The holy spirit an helper for us from Jesus from god, is like water of life or an oil in the machine of humanity.To us it may seem too exalted a gift to ask for lightly but to the angels it is probably flowing to waste if not used.I don't think you have to make a big song and dance to god to ask for it. Just ask and if you get it remember to say thanks.

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