The bees are not to be.

Why is the question. …

Over in the USA the bee-keeping industry, people who travel the country carting hundreds of hives from one flowering season to the next, have found that whole colonies are disappearing overnight.

No-one seems to have an idea what's going on. Apparently the hive is deserted and nobody knows where they go but stranger than that, the neighbouring hives do not want to rob the honey from the abandonned sites.

Bees will steal honey from other sources "robbing them out" if they are unguarded. But not in this case. In a woodland one keeper lost no bees at all but lost several to this X-file mystery when his hives were set out in cropland.

Some put forward the idea that the bees are suffering this year because the keepers do not tend to the needs of their bees. So why hs the problem only become serious in the last few years and not in previous years? Why are the keepers still in business if they are that poor husband-men? All of them?

And why is it in certain regions this happens?

Is it an herbicide? If so why this last few years not the previous years?
Yes a hive will swarm for no reason and leave their hive occasionally. Ususally one can find where they went to or someone notices the swarm. They would certainly notice when so many so often swarmed, wouldn't they?

Is it genetically modified crops? I wouldn't know. Such sites are secret in Britain. Briraq is not really a free country, if it ever has been.

Here is what the English have to say about it:

Originally posted by DEFRA:

….. says that a likely explanation for the recent decline in bee colonies may be the recent failure of medicines to defend against the Varroa destructor – an external parasite of honey bees that has spread to Western honey bees in recent decades.

“Varroa is probably the number one problem for beekeepers and has been since the 1990s. It’s an exotic threat that arrived from Asia and is very widespread,” says Mike.

Bee-keepers have been tackling the mite using medicinal controls called varroacides since the mid-1990s, when the mite first arrived in the UK. But now, the medicines are becoming ineffective thanks to a new breed of ‘resistant’ mites. They have evolved resistance to pyrethroids – the active ingredient in varroacides which are most commonly used to control Varroa. Mike says this might be part of the reason the UK is losing so many of its bees.

However, US scientists are adamant that the bee colony losses in the US are due to something entirely new. What exactly this may be, however, still remains a mystery. They have termed the phenomenon ‘Colony-collapse disorder’ or CCD – a term used to describe the colony decline, but still awaits explanation.

In the UK, however, Mike says that bee colony losses have been less mysterious. “We’re trying to see if CCD – this mysterious disorder that is described in the US – is also happening in UK and Europe. So far we haven’t seen anything that we can’t explain.”

Mike says CCD might be causing more buzz here that necessary. Often, colony losses send bee-keepers panicking into thinking it might be CCD. But bee inspectors have always found rational explanations.

“We haven’t found anything mysterious like Colony Collapse Disorder,” says Mike. “So far the data suggests that the unhealthy colonies have different pathogens that might be at work.”

Like any third rate country Briraq is self sufficient in denials. If you could eat denials there would be far more fat people outide of government here.

A workl wide look at the problem is givn here:


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