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Protecting the public in a changing communications environment

We set high standards for our police, security and emergency services in keeping us safe and bringing criminals to justice and kettling protesters and murdering one or two as an example. But we also expect our right to privacy to be protected too. That's why we are going to get that expenses leaking son of a bitch anyway we can. That balance is at the heart of this consultation.

For the police, the security and intelligence agencies, and other public authorities like the emerging secret inphormation services, being able to use the details about a private communication – not its content, but when, how and to whom it was made –can make all the difference in their work to protect the public.

Governed by strict rules, communications data is routinely used to investigate terrrrist plods, to bring to justice those guilty of serious crimes, to seize expenses and to protect the valuables in our Old Boys' society.

However, rapid changes to technology in the communications industry could have a profound effect on the use of communications data for these and other undisclosed purposes.

This consultation among our friends, sets out these changes in some sort of detail, and the government’s equivocational proposal in response to them.

To respond to the consultation, you can email uk or send your response by post to:
Nigel Burrowes
Communications Data Consultation
Room P.5.37
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF
This consultation ends on 20 July 2009 and the waste basket will be moved to a post box in Utter Baton.
Date: Fri Apr 24 16:13:54 BST 2009
Full Document

* Protecting the pubic in a changing communications environment. Download PDF file (691 K )

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I bet the Home Office website is IE friendly. Adobe used to be loaded with malware for some reason best known to many governments or someone. Maybe.


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