I just liked the headline: "Angry Man". …

Originally posted by Softpedia:

According to news reports that appeared in the Chinese media on Saturday, a man, who got stuck in traffic on account of another man threatening to kill himself by jumping off a bridge, got out of his car, and pushed the would-be suicide off the rail.

He later said that he was exasperated with the delay and that this was the other man's wish anyway.

The jumper stood on the rails conversing with the police for roughly five hours, during which time no cars were allowed to pass. This led to massive protests from the drivers.

66-year-old Lian Jiansheng, a former Chinese soldier, broke through the police barrier and headed towards Chen Fuchao, who was holding on to the bridge with just one hand. Lian pretended to want to shake his hand but pushed him off the bridge in front of the police officers and under the confused eyes of all those watching.

Chen was the latest in a long row of would-be jumpers to threaten to kill themselves in that very location since early April.


We had a more successful and eminently more selfish bitch do something like that a while ago. She stopped her car in the path of a train killing herself and a lot of people on the train.

If she'd been less selfish and got out the damn car, she alone would have died and the car could have been given to the train driver to compensate for his stress.

Unfortunately for the Angry Man -and others held up, the would be jumper survived his fall.


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