Bird song.

The song of the earth is an absurd song, hi lilly hi lilly hi lo. …

From a Usenet thread I was busy keeping out of:

Originally posted by several dwarfs on sci.geo.earthquakes:

On Jun 3, 11:52 pm, datakoll <datak…> wrote:
> "Do you have any actual evidence that earthquakes are more frequent
> in any time period around this? "
> No. I arrived here from bird field research and USGS Earthquakes
> online. Without the online USGS, relating birds to seismicity does not
> occur.
> What I 'believe' I noticed – from memory not numbers recorded – was an
> increase in a more northern latitude quake frequency, and magnitude
> during the summer with a shift southward during winter.
> The energy trap is a probable observed reality. Is there a
> quantifiable number for energy flow from the very hypothetical N-S
> quake frequency ? The NA/SA western fault, does it's quantifiable
> geography exhibit a seasonal +/- ?

My observation of birdsong is they are fairly silent before a developing / approaching weather front, line up roosting to observe it and then afterwards, especially if it brings rain, they sing their hearts out.

I think in sunny weather insects swarm so birds tend to feed more than sing with those fronts. Maybe I aught to take more notice in future. Or write down what I may have forgotted.

Still at least it's a step up from believing swallows hibernate in the mud of reed-beds in winter.

As for earthquakes, increases in their intensities seem to require that the oceans are in a positive so called "anomaly".

It also seems that the number of quakes increases as the intensity falls. But I also think there is a relationship with the time of the phase of the moon in that phenomenon too.

But then if it were due to convergence, one would expect all that to occur. Once you have eliminated such discord in the data you can reappraise it all. Until then so called "statistics" are not worth a light.

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