The Swedish Pirate Party’s Manifesto

How might it all go wrong? …

Jesus he say:
It's not what they do but what they say.

He meant that the leaders of the world all excercise wisdom if you listen to them, then they run off and play in the sh*t when they think no one is looking.

But here is hoping that this little lot bears fuit:

Originally posted by The Pirate Party:

Introduction to Politics and Principles

The Pirate Party wants to reform copyright law, get rid of the patent system and ensure privacy rights are respected. With this agenda, and only this, we are making a bid for representation in the European and Swedish parliaments.

These are worthwhile goals and believe they are achievable. The Pirate Party only has three issues on its agenda:

Reform of copyright law

The aim of copyrights is to promote the creation and spread of culture. That balance has been lost, to a point where the copyright laws severely restrict the very thing they are supposed to promote.

All non-commercial copying and use should be completely free. File sharing and p2p networking should be encouraged. Culture and knowledge are things that increase in value the more they are shared. The Internet could become the greatest public library ever created.

The monopoly for the copyright holder to exploit an aesthetic work commercially should be limited to five years after publication. Today's copyright terms are absurd. Nobody needs to make money seventy years after they are dead. The commercial life of cultural works is staggeringly short in today's world. If you haven't made your money back in the first one or two years, you never will. A five years copyright term for commercial use is more than enough. Non-commercial use should be free from day one.

We also want a complete ban on DRM technologies, and on contract clauses that aim to restrict the consumers' legal rights in this area. There is no point in restoring balance and reason to the legislation, if at the same time we continue to allow the big media companies to both write and enforce their own arbitrary laws.

An abolished patent system

Pharmaceutical patents kill people in third world countries every day. They hamper possibly life saving research by forcing scientists to lock up their findings pending patent application, instead of sharing them with the rest of the scientific community. The latest example of this is the bird flu virus, where not even the threat of a global pandemic can make research institutions forgo their chance to make a killing on patents.

The Pirate Party has a constructive and reasoned proposal for an alternative to pharmaceutical patents. It would not only solve these problems, but also give more money to pharmaceutical research, while still cutting public spending on medicines in half. This is something we would like to discuss on a European level.

Patents in other areas range from the morally repulsive (like patents on living organisms) through the seriously harmful (patents on software and business methods) to the merely pointless (patents in the mature manufacturing industries).

Respect for the right to privacy

Following the 9/11 event in the US, Europe has allowed itself to be swept along in a panic reaction to try to end all evil by increasing the level of surveillance and control over the entire population. We Europeans should know better. It is not twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and there are plenty of other horrific examples of surveillance-gone-wrong in Europe's modern history.

The arguments for each step on the road to the surveillance state may sound ever so convincing. But we Europeans know from experience where that road leads, and it is not somewhere we want to go.

Rather long so I cut bits out but the issues they raise are indoctrinated too deeply into a voting system stymied by apathy due to moral corruption in high places.

Couple that with the fact that governments want surveillance and need to have it to hang on to power and you can see that they are going to have an hard time getting their POV aired.

It's bad enough that the various right wing parties control all the western world's media and short change us all in their news departments. Having to deal with felons in secret services is going to kill them. Maybe even literally.

Personally, I'd like to ask if there is a case more palpable for drugs reform than US experience with alcohol prohibition an hundred years ago. Some things make the dark ages look like high refinements.


One thought on “The Swedish Pirate Party’s Manifesto

  1. With the CIA already hot on their trail, the RIAA or whatever the applicable Swedish mafiosi branch is called already stalking them and searching for allies and virtually every corporate lawyer watching them closely……what do you think will happen next.1. Media sharks.Nothing like a good bit of dirt to sell newspapers. We will soon find out what they dug up.2. Moles in low places.Put a man in their defence. Subvert the ideals and get them to make compromises.3. Take them out.Not take them for a ride. If the dirty tricks campaigns fail, there is always a nice judicial murder on a good day to bury news.And that's not counting counterfeiting parties to steal their voters, passing laws to make what they do and say illegal in some way and cutting funding.Margaret Thatcher put up the price of standing for an election tenfold. This had the desired effect of eliminating the Monster Raving Loony Party, the most sensible opposition -as it turned out, to the status quo in Parliament.It also meant that an individual still has the right to stand for election but not anyone who can't afford it.In my opinion every asset this country once prized as a token of freedom that has been removed by the present government is just window dressing to what she got up to when a mere 40% of the population allowed her carte blanche.

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