You are what you eat.

And you ain't seen nothin' yet. …

Originally posted by Jesus Christ:

Those who live by the sword shall by the sword die

Originally posted by BBC:

A man who was 14 years old when detained by the US in Guantanamo Bay camp has been released after seven years, the Justice Department says.

Mohamed el-Gharani, arrested in Pakistan in October 2001, was sent to his home country of Chad.

In January, a US court had ordered his release because there was no evidence to prove he was an "enemy combatant".

An Iraqi national was also released, to Iraq, after both cases were reviewed as ordered by President Obama in January.

Al-Qaeda allegations

After Mr Gharani was arrested at a mosque, his lawyer said he was accused by the US of being a member of al-Qaeda in 1998, when he would have been only 11.

The US authorities had also alleged that Mr Gharani stayed at an al-Qaeda-affiliated guest house in Afghanistan, fought in the battle of Tora Bora following the US-led invasion, and served as a courier for senior al-Qaeda operatives.

The Iraqi national was named as Jawad Jabber Sadkhan, by the Justice Department.

US President Barack Obama has ordered the Guantanamo detention centre closed by early next year.

Some people willingly fed on the blood and the lost lives of all those victims of George Bush. And George Bush after an intensive internet campaign that preceded his election (remember those chain letters on line about the appalling way Muslim women were treated in certain countries the USA wanted to invade?) went mad and who did he lead into this abortion?

Britain, Spain, Australia and some other countries. Remember how easily the French after being the USA's most staunch ally since the civil war there, became their pariah? Remember those quips on line about French military competence?

Who's feeding frenzy was sated then I wonder?

And my point?

The atrocity that loaded George Bush's guns was the fault of one man with a gripe. And he is still free to instil yet more violence. But now he is no longer alone. How many people are going to grow up in Iraq and Afghanistan with a chronic and malignant hatred of the USA coalition against humanity?


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