Witch you see is what you got.

How high the moon? …


Originally posted by Usenet posts:

> So you are saying that Greenland is a 2000+ metre-high iceberg.

It's only just occurred to me that this mountain of ice had to get there somehow to have the effect it is having on the region from Newfoundland to Norway and Siberia.

Whatever it is made of it is affecting the world's weather. It's removal will affect everything from all the world's ocean gyres to the trade winds maybe in the South Atlantic too.

So how did it get there? You can't impose present weather conditions to sourcery it all up. Without the icecap Greenland would be without an icecap wouldn't it?

So presumably with a major high spot missing from the present course of the Lows that come out of North America, the Lows could go anyway they liked, maybe directly into the Arctic from Canada?

I may sound like Forest Gump but inside I am all glued up.

The top link is a set of weather charts from November/December 2008. But any such set will reveal the overall progress of Low pressure cells and High ones across the USA. Any that leave the east coast far enough up the coast to reach the North Atlantic (that is: most of them) will become entangled in the system that holds them to a nearly parallel course west to east at 60 degrees north.

When there is slack pressure in the system they may go further north to the Davis Straight between Canada and Greenland. What stops them doing so is that there is a high mountian of ice on top of Greenland and it affects the weather.

Once it affects that part of the weather it affects it for the whole world because it is out of the Davis Straight that not only most of Arctic icebergs float but it is the place that almost all of the freezing cold water leaves the Arctic too.

There is a weir across the Arctic Ocean that runs from Russia to the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Once surface water (forced over to the western reaches of the Arctic's surface by the weather*) cool enough, the water drops down (at 4 degrees centigrade it is heavier than freezing water and much heavier than ice.) This relatively warm water fills the bottom of the sea as far as that dike will allow.

Any further falling water pushes the heaviest stuff out of the ocean altogether. It then makes its way down to the Weddel Sea in Antarctica. From there is begins to feed all the fish in all the world's food chain.

I don't know how tall the mountains are in Greenland but I do know that they must be nearly as high as the top of the ice or the ice couldn't form on it could it? It would behave as all wind-drifted masses behave and fall into the sea on the east coast of the country -as a giant dune, top first.

Or wouldn't it?
*This would change too would it not? At least to some extent it must.


One thought on “Witch you see is what you got.

  1. http://weather.unisys.com/http://weather.unisys.com/info/first.htmlhttp://weather.unisys.com/images/sat_sfc_map_loop.htmlI didn't know they kept archives on file. I'd love a DVD of them. Maybe I'll ask if that is possible. The USA more than any country in the world is an ecological resource that has to be treasured and they aught to pass a law that bars far right wing nuts voting for chimpanzees ever again.Without it their constitution is just a bit of foolscrap.

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