So while I was sleeping. …

Well I haven't been asleep but my net activity has been curtailed much to my benefit as I slowly regain a real life.

However it would be nice to be able to posnder the North Atlantic and the Pacific weather charts to see just exactly how far my ideas have gone off the mark.

I have got another insight into that ocean anomally anomally. And I have been looking at a couple of old books on pre meteorologicaal meteorology.

Did you know that the term meteor in meteorology is a reference to the Lows and Highs of a sea level air pressure weather chart? More on that one day. The other is a book describing in mellifluos and superfluous Victorian doggerel, how the art of philosophy has been mislead in ignoring the function of ether in earth science.

Actually he hesitates about the word as he accept it could be a form of electricity or something else that I forget the word for now.

Two threads that I am writing will discuss them. Meanwhile they are available in the Project Gutenburg:


More later I am being sent off to the chip shop.


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Man, I have been going through some of the clutter on my computers and find myself distracted by it all. I'd like to dump most of it but something might be worth keeping, then when I come to look for it I won't have it.To the making of many books there is no end…What I'd thought of as my own preserve, the effect I called synergy -when a run od similar phases induces an extra kick to weather spells…Well I'm pretty sure this "synergy" is in facy a misunderstood step in the movement of the moon and earth (I should say sun but that isn't correct) and how it affects the weather.Just as the moon does not directly lift the tides, the moon doesn't stir the oceans of the sea or atmosphere. It does something else. Just as movement of electropositive material such as iron or copper can induce a magnetic "flux",which phenomenon can induce an electric current…..So the motions of large "amagnetic" substances can have an affect on the accoustics of the planet. I'm not sure how.But this accoustic change is what causes peaks and troughs in the air, sea and land. The land of course can not move to dissipate it but must magnify the effect as in a tuning fork or sound chamber.Anyway the missing step I was thinking about is that under the above circumstances, a change in the world wide behaviour occurs. This can be seen as what we know of as Ocean Oscillations:NOA and El Nino are quite well known types of this. But there are sidelines ones too the "inter el nino la nina" cycle or years for example.They can produce abundance in the seas around NW Asia and North EAst Africa. Something to do with the snoaw coveer on the Himalayas.This year there has been a rash of tornadoes and the humid warm weather associated with them elsewhere. This synergy is a negative NAO and the same effect in the North Pacific too. An unusually strtong one IIKA.Forget "warm pools" the most easily recognisable thing about them is that they are low high pressure areas and fairly high low pressure areas.As for melting ice caps their direct effect is something I can't even guess at. the long term effect must be a part f the lunar cycle though.Needless to say it is a part that generally tends to occur when god is upset with the way we are teating hios planet. Like he is putting the ights out and blocking the access to the garden.The next stage is to bring in the bailiffs and the bulldozers if we are to get what we deserve.As it happens I have a lot of stuff from Earth Observatory on my computer that I put aside to read in depth one day.It doesn't have all the answers but as far as explaining what is happening goes it is pretty good stuff.Needless to say they are all misguided in their efforts but even a blind man can describe his surroundings quite well.All I need to do is go through it, organise it, place it where it can be studiously ignored and I will have done my bit.Then I can seel the computers and buy myself a bag of chips and a warm raincoat for the night.Good here innit?

  2. :lol:I just watched a documentary on the melting of glaciers and the vast ice pack on the Northern Territory of North America.If there's a lot of cooling, a couple degrees, in the Atlantic, storms are on their way to the east coast.Apparently, the water temperature has effect, logical, since, temperature influences pressure. P=T/V

  3. CHAPTER TEN (of Life on the Mississippi)COMPLETING MY EDUCATION.WHOSOEVER has done me the courtesy to read my chapters which have preceded this may possibly wonder that I deal so minutely with piloting as a science. It was the prime purpose of those chapters; and I am not quite done yet.I wish to show, in the most patient and painstaking way, what a wonderful science it is.Ship channels are buoyed and lighted and therefore it is a comparatively easy undertaking to learn to run them; clear-water rivers, with gravel bottoms, change their channels very gradually and therefore one needs to learn them but once.But piloting becomes another matter when you apply it to vast streams like the Mississippi and the Missouri, whose alluvial banks cave and change constantly, whose snags are always hunting up new quarters, whose sand-bars are never at rest, whose channels are forever dodging and shirking and whose obstructions must be confronted in all nights and all weathers without the aid of a single light-house or a single buoy.Mark Twain.

  4. It is water surface temperature.The sea is a lot deeper in places even in the Arctic. There may be pools of cold war in there that were previously a lot warmer.Carbon Dioxide remains constant in the atmosphere at one half of the one percent it always was when I was a lad. New methods for measuring it include regions of the atmosphere lost to my youth.The same goes for all the other gases in the air. And there were always cycles when the northern waters were warmer than in times past.What is happening is that the way we are polluting the land is angering our creator. We destroy the sea and the rest of our environment at our own peril.But it is the greed of developers that is ruining it not the use of motor cars. There is no way to rip up forests without denuding the farmland surrounding the trees.There is no way that small pests would also ruin forests if we hadn't eradicated their hunters. For centuries in order to feast rich men on birds to shoot at like so many feathered cushions, we have poisoned hawks and eagles.No wolves roam freely and even foxes have deserted the farmlansds. Pests are so pervasive these days that rabbits are ruining railway lines.Foxes can get easier picking from sewage and litter in our cities.Soon the Polar Bear will be gone and then some new threat will arise at their loss. The same is true for every country where wars and poaching take the place of illegal logging and slash and burn techniques.Only god and a few tree huggers care.

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