The War of the Worlds; said to be about the way that astronomers viewed the solar system.

(Some said it was big end up some said it was little end up.

And some knew it was all about religious dogma really.)

Still as long as it's was just Jews and Arabs getting killed….

This is a long series of notes of no use to anyone who goes to church, not for the reason it can or can't strengthen or weaken their religious belief but because it is not a scholarly work. It is just an exercise to show how with the aid of emotion and not a lot of common sense, men can be induced to swallow anything.

And in the darkness bind them. …

Until the Renaissance, it was considered normal to control who got to be a scholar and who got to be a wage slave.

First of all no women were allowed to think for themselves.
Then there were the slaves and the alien residents.
Quite right too.

Who wants them voting in a democracy?

And then there were the criminals and out-laws, the poor and the mentally deranged
And anyone the lord of the manner took a dislike to.
Oh and the young.

In the UK, most of the opposition to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan came from schoolchildren.
So we can't have the little monsters upsetting affairs of state just for a day off school.

That just left those who could afford to vote the way their employers wanted them to.
And unitarians.

Oh, wait a doggon minute…
There was no democracy before the Renaissance.

Ah, wait..

Never mind all that, the point is that left to their own devices, men have nothing better to do with an education than squabble about stuff like this.


Obviously in the interest of killing unitarians of all nations, tribes, tongues and religions. because that's what people… -grown men at that, do.


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