The long dark dysmenorrhea of the Low.

It's over.
(I think, but don't quote me unless you are genetically inclined to to that form of psycocksis. It could just have been something I ate.) …

What am I talking about?

Quite frankly I don't think I know. An hernia probably.
These are the next lunar phases in 2009:

27th Aug 11:42
4th Sept 16:03
12th Sept 02:16

We are half way through the first one and it has been filled with lag cramps for me until last night, how was it for you dear?


We normally get our weather from the eastern coast of North America. It arrives in America from the Pacific usually having rolled in along the Alaskan peninsula.

OK so Britain gets its weather from the North Atlantic, big deal!

The big deal lately -since last year IIRC, is that we have not had real weather, it's more like that plastic aphasia imported from China or somewhere. Hey maybe it's related to the economy?

Seriously; the weather here has been in the common vernacular of the not so long ago:

Low pressures, the source of our wind and rain have been fairly high and decidedly unwindy.
Not winded up so to speak.

The same has been true of North America. The Pacific gales have been zephyrs I am guessing but not in Oklahoma and the mid west. I am betting they have had a record run of tornadoes. Probably the worst year ever.

I have been off line for the last few months -most of this year in fact, so I have not been paying attention. Got me some URLs to go to to see what is going on but the problem with ancient data is that old weather is owrse than old news.

Old news awas important as propaganda at one time. Today it must be archived so they can tell us buggers what they said.


A Negative Anomally.

This is where it gets technical and I begin to make sense
-or not as the case may be.

Not; most probably.

God, in his wisdom, put the bars on the oceans and how he did it I know not but a glance at the sea level maps of the planet shows us that he arranged the worst weather to hit landscapes that reach out into the sea with granite fingers.

OK it may be limestone in some cases but you get the picture?

This aspect of Plate Technology is called by geologists like me ”Weathering” and “Mass Dispersal”. And by expert geologists “Apofenia”.

The fact is that where it can be, the coast at sea level is protected by two different ways of slowing the waves down. In headlands the softer soil is eroded and what meets the waves are natural “moles”.

To a lesser extent, muddy bay shorelines -that extent for miles out to sea before the coastline dips into the main ocean depths, help slacken currents with the amount of debris raised in storms. This increase in the weight of water being shifted by storms helps to use up the energy as work whilst the storm is still out at sea.

Yes, surf will throw rocks up onto the roads along the coast from time to time especially in winter but that is merely to reward the Welsh for putting up with the English all summer. a spectacular reward from the god of winter. And to do it the waves must already have copeed with the original "heavy water".

Which is all very well in normal seasons.

Since the end of Summer last year, Low pressure areas have not been that low. They normally reach South East Iceland as 990 millibars and brood there a few days whilst waiting for lesser lows to help them along.

When they drop down to below 980 mb, they head over the North Atlantic Ridge for Norway or Scotland. Most of this year they have been reluctant to drop into the low 880's and few if any 970 mbs were seen. (I plead inattention if there were more than a few. But I am pretty curtain when I pull myself together.)

The same has been true for High pressure systems. They too have been fairly flaccid. Their normal position is down off the charts around the Azores. Sometimes they intrude into Portugal and Western Spain. I am guessing again but I don't believe there have been many 1030 millibar pressure areas this last 10 months or so.

Having said that, the next two phases are the sort that have been causing all the turmoil. And either we are going to have some dreadful weather in the shape of natural disasters or there are going to be some changes around here.

The third possibility is that I have been lacking sugar in my diet and made up for it last night. Fart any, rate the lack of leg cramps was an unexpected pleasure.



One thought on “The long dark dysmenorrhea of the Low.

  1. Idiopathic leg cramps."One theory is that cramps occur when a muscle that is already in a shortened position is stimulated to contract. As the muscle is already shortened, to contract further may cause the muscle to go into spasm.This commonly happens at night in bed as the natural position we lie in is with the knees slightly bent and with feet pointing slightly downwards. In this position the calf muscle is relatively shortened and may be prone to cramps. This theory explains why stretching exercises may cure the problem."But doesn't explain the incessant and sudden occurrence.I rather think it is linked to the weather and would explain any deleterious effects such as fatty carbohydrate rich foods and of course that of alcohol.I noticed that the worst series I have ever had of these things was with bth northwern oceans in "negative oscillation" no doubt hatening the effect due to acoustic resonance somehow. But how to prove it?It explains why changing diet is hit and miss, it explains sudden onset. And it explains how one can be ready to deal with it and mitigate the extent of the spasm by almost immediate reaction.But it isn't provable without access to a machine that can immitate seismic waves of the frequencies that might be to harmonic required.Much less if the trains of sound have to have a certain identifying code. Imagine a bar code that reads:"Weatherlawyer leg cramps.This week, reduced for one night only."Bear studs!!!

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