Under Pressure

If the cap fits and the sky falls on you you won't get it off again easily. …

The producers of a about schoolchildren murdered in last year's Sichuan earthquake were denied visas to attend their film’s opening in Beijing. Government pressure is keeping Professor Peter Kwong of New York’s City University out of the danger zone.

Talking of pressure:
The Chinese government has squelched 5,335 children in 7,000 classrooms in the May 2008 quake and imprisoned or harassed parents for demanding justice.
The badly desiged, shoddy construction could not possibly have anything to do with the government. So whilst they investigate themselves they feel it is for the best that grieviong mothers be given a distraction or shot.

Talking about shooting:
Kwong, Jon Alpert, Matthew O'Neill and others involved in the production were held up by local officials blocked its web site and repeatedly removed copies posted on the web for download.

Back to more crushing:
The New York Times quoted an e-mail from the producers saying that the visa problem "fits in with a pattern of what seems to be a complete commitment on the part of this Chinese government to crush any inquiry into the possibility of wrongful deaths during the earthquake in Sichuan."

My own impression is that if a building falls on your head the cap is going to fit very closely indeed.


2 thoughts on “Under Pressure

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  2. Curses. Red Puma gives the same result as several different sources. The NEIC list which I am more used to gives them as an aggregate which is loosely termed a Magnitude removing the qualifiers of the wave energy, type and length of time the shock showed on the apparatii.Or should that be apparata?

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