Heaven on earth.

There are three steps to heaven.

Or how to know what to do to get paradise. …


This is holiness or so much hogwash.
It is about you and the life threatening decisions that you make every hour of the day. Being guided by your emotions, desires or instructors is all very well but there is an opportunity in everything we do to allow god, a god, any god, or the best one of them, to help us along.

The method resembles a gambler's fetishes. It is called prayer.

You know how a man at his wits end will rely on mumbo jumbo to keep the aspidistra flying? How a gambler reads the racing results?

The “end” result of course, is the way a gambler talks to you about his experiences of gambling. How a fighter reviews his lucky escapes and how a fool keeps going when anyone uninvolved can see that he aught to take time out and look where he wants to end up.

It’s how a soldier will go through his stamina, his training, his last reserves, his everything, on the front line, until mentally exhausted. And then all he can do to help himself think he is still one better than his next opponent is to carry a talisman or go through some ritual for luck to boost his morale; when what he really needs is retirement from the front line. You ever come across that?

One only has to look at modern politics in any era of history, to see what I mean about trusting to luck or the behaviour of men in general.


The true god, if there is one, is the one that can be found at the other end of a prayer to him. Such a god -by definition, will be able to strip any waywardness from such a connection and get the full message. Any other gods -by definition, either accede to that will or do not exist.

If there is a god at all.

Many choose to give up without trying. They haven’t got a prayer. And most others try the wrong search terms. Perhaps they want to get rich or want to possess something that shouldn't belong to them. (Not my call.)

Very few ask for the right thing or things. Some get the hang of doing it the right way.

Would they keep that ability to themselves do you think? Or tell you about it? Every gambler wants to tell you about his wins. Nobody wants to hear about his losses, do they?

The thing is that every moment, of every expedition in your day, you have to keep searching out whether this “magic” you could possess is leading you to get more magic; or if you have subverted it in some way.

Because we do subvert the spirit. We can't help it. We behave like clods; and we carry clods. Lucky charms, mascots, idols, icons. How far would you get in business if you left everything to luck? You'd soon find out you were in the wrong business.


In the world, everything is performance related. Sometimes if the yardstick is held by people who don't know what they are doing, people such as today's bankers, politicians for example -and get rich quick schemers in general, the results are catastrophic.

By their fruits you shall know them.

That's all there is to that. You know when something needs stopping or cutting short or when a man needs to find a different job in another line of business.

But how do you know that you are getting the best results when you do hit on a strain that seems to be a winner?

Farmers hold shows. Competition. Trade. Lifestyle and harmony with satisfaction or as the commentators of early Christianity stated:

Peaceable fruits.

You know that you are on a winner when it pays the rent. And you know that it is the right course when it is satisfying to look back on the things that you have accomplished. And you know if you can do better when you see examples of similar produce from other people.

Of course if you really want to do your best, you never will settle down and be happy with what you have so far. And that way can also lead to problems. You have to have balance.

Are you being lead by greed or complacency; job satisfaction or boredom?

We are not robots. We like change. Refreshing change in all things is good for all. That's how the world works. Just think about all the differences in the earth's environments. And from that, we can see that change is a good thing from place to place and from time to time.

Sticking rigidly to the way things were can cause depression and bullying. Or it could be a safety device.

You just need to make careful choices. Not lucky guesses.

(Though that would be a nice change too, AFAIAC.)


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