On a coaling station long ago

The infamous Guatanamo …

Is there a place under the sun where so iniquitous as this is done; that state conspire with unelect to kidnap and gaol a mere suspect?

Why yes!

Across the ocean blue, in Cuba Libre these things they do.

Section 9. Chit number 2:
Habeas Corpus hath no suspense, except in Cases of de fence.
De fence to whom thou shall pay heed hath only Haliburton creed.

(From de Consdeeshoeshine ob de Cotton Pickin United States)

Oh, if I were just banal and I could say a goddamitall, I would care less because I could. And make of Bush a block of wood. But having now all said and done. They're still there, though he is gone!


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