Big Oil

I don't have anything against the mining of crude oil. I don't have a grudge against the development of the modern age in any way so long as its intentions are for good. Central heating, nylon rope and even margarine, are all pretty neat ricks as far as I am concerned. And as for petrol and diesel I can't see us ever getting rid of that. Electric cars and the like are a mere blip, a pimple on the bum joke.

And as for me I couldn't get by without painkillers. It's as simple as that. …

Big Oil

What the oil concerns have shown themselves up as is incapable of handling the product carefully. Everything about it from the production of oil sludge to the way that it is transported and even the way the stuff is handled in refineries in places like Britain, not some third world dictatorship like Russia, Indonesia or Malaysia, speaks volumes about the lack of concern the environment gets from industry.

Millions of tons of a waste product called sludge is produced at refineries and at well heads. It is due to the way that they get oil out of the ground. It is especially problematic with wells near dry. For failing wells are encouraged to give their last drop with hot water injection. And under pressure -which is extreme in failing wells, the water marries the crude to form a clathrate that is disposed of alongside the wells.

These land farms are supposed to lie fallow and allow the oil to decompose. Actually in Indonesia and Malaysia they are allowed to blow away. In the dry season the oil comes out of the mixture and evaporates – or seeps into the water supply. You can find many PDFs on-line from Malaysia and Indonesia where doctorates are handed out to kids doing research into "bioremediation".

It doesn't work so well in colder climes of course. Here the reaction is to send it down the tubes and let the refineries handle it. And the refineries handle it by pumping it back into the oil tankers that delivered it in the first place and they take care of it by dumping it south of the Cape of Good Hope or wherever.

Now there is a cheap and simple technique to trace oil discharges at sea. They put a tracer in the oil that comes from a port and each shipload is unique. Or they could if the industry wasn't policing itself.

We don't even manage to monitor these huge ships by satellite. You'd think that after the Exxon Valdez disaster there would be some sort of maritime law about watching these derelicts, whose companies are flag of convenience ships not subject to the rule of law, would you?

Fool if you do.

Oil tankers are run by companies who don't have anything to do with the oil companies. That makes good business sense doesn't it? What firm in its right mind would operate its own fleet of vehicles? None. It wouldn't make economic sense for a company to have total control over its product on the road.

No; these cheap-jack companies hire their ships out to other companies whose business it is to act as agents to the oil producers or even the oil customers. I bet you thought that they were one and the same people didn't you? I mean with a name like Exxon Val-whatever.. coming from a well well well; well the less we know the better. You know how it goes?

Need to know old boy. Need to know.

Funny thing but not all that long ago you could rely on a severe storm in the North Atlantic over Solstice. (popularly called Christmas in the oil rich part of the world -that's another need to know thing, best you don't ask.) And during this storm, there was always an oil tanker going aground somewhere in Britain. Once a year regular, as calenderwork.

With a negative anomaly though things quieten down and drunken sailors too busy watching pirated porn to see where they are going, seem to steer through the most dangerous bits quite nicely. Do I sound depressed. It may be that that is because I am.

It's all down to what I used to know before I read that Thomas Gold stuff and now I realise that what I know and what we knew was or is only a very small part of it. With that flap about the way climate modellers in one of Britain's most prodigious universities taking most of the attention of anyone who cares and all sorts of carefully managed misdirections going on all the time.

It's small wonder that the whole planet is being abused, not one way or another but one way and another time after time. Don't believe me?
What scape grace company need to use a ship that flies under a flag of convenience? A tramp? Or someone that needs to use a megaship, with all the latest safety equipment, that is run by the largest companies in the world?

That's rich, that is.

They'll be telling us next that there is no need for anyone to watch their children starve to death in this hi-tech, god forsaken world.
Did you know the Navaho definition of witchcraft is one where the practitioners are wealthy when their neighbours are in debt. Same thing for the Inuit. (Must be an American thing. No wonder we got rid of most of them.) We who know better define all witch craft as Pagan or unChristian beliefs. In fact if it wasn't for all those damned Muslims owning all the oil wells, we wouldn't need to arm our Christians to the teeth.

Bit of a non-sequitur, that. Sort of a jibe at Christian Soldiers backing up the Oil Cartels. I wonder how much oil there is in Afghanistan? There turned out to be loads of oil in the Falklands. If only someone had told Maggie, there wouldn't have been a Falklands War.

Good job we won isn't it!


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