The Copenhagen bean feast

These days we get most of our butter from Big Oil and not a lot of people can tell the difference. …

There is a political joke surrounding everything we see on the news these days. It is called stage management or "spin".

And just in time for the worls service and hymn to the impossible in aid of the unecessary, the computers of the Centr for Climate Change (or whatever it is called) based in Britain and subject to the Met Office/ ministry of education and defence or whatever machine goberns what we find out what we found out…. ws hacked recently.

Now you may remember this sort of thing happened in the USA a couple of years back. Not so much hacked as forced from above. Sort of the opposite of hacked, glommed or whatever it maight be called. The chimp got his habnds on NOAA or NASA or some such and kicked arse.

That little piggie suealed long and loud in green circles as the Prudhoe Bay massacre was going on. This Bay is a Brish subsidiary oil field in Alaska. It produces some very acid crude. That is the crude is full of suphur and because of the way it is produced, water. Hot and under pressure the oil lines were attacked by acid.

Going back to my last post about Thomas Gold, the BIG Oil people have been neglecting the science of their craft. And as well as being under British management (think Ford Taurus for brain cell count) the managers at Prudhoe Bay let the pipelines corrode. And when they found out about it were so careful thaat in the end the USA had to shut them down in order to stem the disaster.

I hope I don't need to inform you that the US government is funded by bribes and corruption. Because now I have to tell you that the EU is even worse. It isn't answerable to the national concerns that govern the way ordinary governments do. It's sort of like Big Brother's naught little brother, spoilt and spendthrift.

It is everything thr Bush Government was without the military might.

And you might be intersted enough in our environment or planet as it used to be called to pay some attention to what is going to be going on. After the toffee brain singers and tree huggers get out of the way of course. Well I will tell you, it isn't anything to do with cuddly animals.
John Denver isn't around these days o sing about whales and I don't know if whoever they call in for the music sound bite has got the brain cell count of an opposition spokesman or a toady but the fix is in already. Most of what they are going to decide has already been decided. All they need to work out is what news to break and what to say in the speeches.

As far as I am concerned there is no global warming. I could be wrong. When I grew up the North Pole was covered in thick ice. Huge areas of it years old and over 100 feet thick in places. I didn't know much about it then and I don't know a lot more about it now. What I do know is that uder the ice the sea could be very shallow for an amazing extent. And that may be why it tends to grow so icy.
And in places there is a huge depth of water that is nowhere near cool enough to freeze.

You see, the Arctic has its own special conditions. Its connection with the other oceans is choked at best. And in the absence of storms the water on the surface, if it gets cold enough, drops to the bottom of the sea. That is because one of the properties of water is that it is heaviest at 4 degrees centigrade.
Another thing there is that ice is nearly pure water so much lighhter than the salty sea water. It floats in a mixture of brine and its own melt-water a slurry that may be lighter than the sea in places and in others where a lot of salt comes out of the ice, heavier.
It is a very complicated balancing act. And the addition of what amounts to a very little carbon dioxide to the whole atmospher – not the gasses at sea level in the Arctic but the stuff mainly over the big cities and industrial complexes, can't possibly affect the way the ice works more than the currents in the sea below the ice would affect it.

So if you hear some dupe pontificating on CO2 outputs you know he either knows nothing about meteorology or a lot about his finances. In Britain we say a man who goes along with the "right crowd" "knows which side his bread is buttered on".


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