Logging in

I'm in the Newcastle Under Lyme public library trying to post soem stuf I have on my USB.
But the damned computer won't even show me my drive. That's wasted half an hour and I only get 1 hour for the full rant.

The librarian called in the tech help and he'd never come across the problem before. an instant filip to my confidence and total waste of time.

I've managed to save some web pages as html. I have no ide if they will open, they wanted me to save them as '.mht' which is some sort of windows crap and won't open in a safe medium such as linux. Not in a readable form that is.

It's bad enough "science" precluding PDFs from the huddled masses and trying to keep us all in pits of darkness. You'd think that all the money spent on reserch would allow us to have some sort of access to stuff not written in Asia or wherever. (The scientists of Indonesia and Malaysia are far better at putting stuff online than the miserable bastards in Britain. Britain has to have the worst track record of any country on-line.)

Why is it that the divs in charge of our public acess assume we'd all be satified qwith Windows if there was any other choice? Just the idea of having to conform to such badly written tosh upsets me. Someone has offered to get me a copy of Visa. I might even let him as a punishment to myself.

Are there really people out there who will accept pirated copies of that thing? It beggars belief. Not that I am a big fan of Linux. Far from it. None of the OSs I have tried will play DVDs and none of them are satifactory with my music stuff, though that could be down to Sony and their particular brand of corruption. Damn them all to hell.

If I was ever to serv e on a jury and the defendant was accused of software piracy, I'd play a good-guy and then do all I could to get the poor bugger off. I am just really pissed off with all this mumbo jumbo telling me what I can and can't do.

It has nothing to do with free speech and paying the original author their dues. Copyright laws were originally designed to protect bifg business interests. When printing got going the priestcraft that took it over sorted out them from us and put the fix ion with the burgers in charge. And that was after the copyright top the printing press and the whole shebang was first stolen from Gutenberg in the first place.

I have no affinity for obeying any such laws about copyright. They are worse than a scam. They spoil things for the rest of us. The same is tru of inventions. I'd abolish all laws about giving the inventors priviledges. Maybe a really popular thing could get a tax from dealers and resellers. But as for the rest of it I'd hang the crooks and start again.


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