What if it’s true?

I just read this in a novel:

"The nurse was speaking to the man across the way, talking loudly, like she was making an announcement."Mr Rosenberg, you have a broken hip. Your daughter is on her way. Do you know where you are?"

Of course I know where I am , I'm at the movies, this is all a movie" he said. "I wish it were. I'm at the home, the home where I live, or should I say where they put me -waiting to die. Cold storage, that's where I am. I may be old but I'm not senile."

"You're in the hospital, Mr Rosenberg. You fell and they brought you here. Do you know who the president is Mr Rosenberg?"

"What does it matter? They're all thieves."

And so say all of us. …

As proof of the last vestige of sanity what more can you ask? But then I wondered:
"Where do they find people like Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher?"
Liar was on the telly again the other night, some sort of an apologist's opportunity for old farts. Beats me why they don't have an annual Guy Fawkes type procession of them but while they are still alive. Dragged down the main road of a town or city once an year. The place chosen by lot.

Every top politician in the country tied face up to a board or an open coffin -something like that, just low and slow enough for anyone passing to defaecate on them. They'd get my vote.
And my votive.

But where do they find them? Out of all the children who want to rule the world and solve all of its problems when they grow up, what percentage never grow up?

Never mind the sort of people you don't want to engage in discussions at the pub; what about all the nasty fringe monkeys like George Bush's "Mommy"? Can you imagine her feeding number one son all those bananas all through it's childhood and still being in there with the world's shmucks, never catching on? But she was a rich, white prod. In Texas. She has an excuse and a half brain that is dysfunctional. Mostly.

How did Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher slip through the fence? Isn't there a Catch 22 for divs like them? An act of god maybe?
They say every nation gets the sort of government it deserves. The USA is laced with Georgies of one sort or another. Italy gets Burlesque-onies and we f-get Margaret Thatchers and Tony Blairs. And the worst of it is, they are adulated.

Imagine how WW II would have gone if anyone had listened to Winston Churchill:
The Battle of France would have ensured no Battle of Britain. The debacles of Greece and Crete, silly side shows such as the raids on St Nazaire and Dieppe. Even the use of the RAF after the termination of Hugh Dowding's career was a desecration sanctioned by the drunken oaf.

How many other generals were sacrificed because of plans he forced them to make? And that was just the European Theatres.
What did he do besides give Poland to Stalin? Someone aught to make a list.

Talking about failure to command:
I just got a neodymium or whatever they are called magnet today. Severely unimpressive. At £1.20 a pop, I'd have been better off looking for one of those old Hi-Fi speakers down the council tip and getting the magnets out of them. (They will all have gone the way of flesh by the time I get around to looking, though.) Bloody strong magnets they were. Ah, the good old days.

And I just looked up something in chemistry that has set me back a few chapters on a bunch of crap I was writing.
Bloody Vanadium! Feck!

Silica is interesting though.
Did you know that sand is soluble in hot water? That's going to go down little and often on sci.geo.earthquakes.

Into every life a lot of rain may fall.
Brown and redolent of rural piquancies, if I get to control that particular element. I might even intrude into sci.geo.geology. Boy will they get hit by this troll of trolls, if I can just be arsked.
Mohorivicic here I come, right back where I started from.
Aromatherapy from the tomb
You're looking fine Mohorivicic
So how was your day?

Why doesn't politics have this kind of clarity:
"The modern, IUPAC definition states that a transition metal is "an element whose atom has an incomplete d sub-shell, or which can give rise to cations with an incomplete d sub-shell." Group 12 elements are not transition metals in this definition."
Oh, hang on…

No! This is the bit, listen…
"The name transition comes from their position in the periodic table of elements. In each of the four periods in which they occur, these elements represent the successive addition of electrons to the d atomic orbitals of the atoms. In this way, the transition metals represent the transition between group 2 elements and group 13 elements."

So why not just call them "group 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 elements"? Or the particular group or groups that apply? Why call them anything? What is so special about a variety of elements that have little more in common with each other than that they are not group 1, 2 or 13 elements?
If only politics were this simple:
"Lanthanum is usually considered a lanthanide element and actinium an actinide element."
I mean, life could be so simple….
Well couldn't it?

A long time ago I came across something about magnetism I found interesting but I can't for the life of me remember what. It was something to do with the term HEX or six. I had no idea I wasn't that far off, consider:

"Transition metal compounds are paramagnetic when they have one or more unpaired d electrons. In octahedral complexes with between four and seven d electrons both high spin and low spin states are possible.

Tetrahedral transition metal complexes such as [FeCl4]2− are high spin because the crystal field splitting is small so that the energy to be gained by virtue of the electrons being in lower energy orbitals is always less that the energy needed to pair up the spins. Some compounds are diamagnetic. These include octahedral, low-spin, d6 and square-planar d8 complexes. In these cases, crystal field splitting is such that all the electrons are paired up.

"Ferromagnetism occurs when individual atoms are paramagnetic and the spin vectors are aligned parallel to each other in a crystalline material. Metallic iron and the alloy alnico are examples of ferromagnetic materials involving transition metals. Antiferromagnetism is another example of a magnetic property arising from a particular alignment of individual spins in the solid state."

A couple of digits more or less and I might have hit it on the head.
Ah well. I can at least say, with some clarity, that I have forgotten a lot more than I never even knew I knew. (Or not, as the case may be.)

All we need is the air that we breathe.
Nine months before we were born, our bodies were capable of distinguishing between oxygen and nitrogen. Long before we were capable of talking about it, or even realising the matter was up for discussion, we were capable of sorting out the atoms of the air to suit ourselves.

And now as adults we are just about -if we are a little different from most ordinary adults and take the required couple of years to study; able to describe the general differences between oxygen and nitrogen.

It is a very strange thing that it takes a lifetime to be able to feed and house a family with any competence but only 16 years to be able to start producing one. You can engage in the practice of reproduction before the governments of most nations will allow you to choose (or have any real say) in the nature of that government. But that doesn't mean that at 16 or 17 you can't be trained to rid the world of someone else's government.

And at 18 or 19 be sent to replace the adult structures in a nation that has looked after itself for 4000 years. On the say so of a sock puppet and a chimpanzee.
And expect no reprisals.

So now the politicians have exhausted all the hot air at Copenhagen. Big deal!

What is this?
"Ultrapotassic rocks are defined by molar K2O/Na2O >3 in much of the scientific literature. In other papers written as recently as 2005, they are defined as rocks with weight percents K2O/Na2O >2. Hence, caution is indicated in interpreting use of the term "ultrapotassic", and the nomenclature of these rocks continues to be debated."

There is no god but his master worker put these design features so far beneath our feet that we don't even recognise they are important to the planet.
Somehow I can't see this architect, this god that most have no trust in -even if they can bring themselves to admit they might consider him a possibility, I just can't see him being the sort of person to hold politicians in very high regard.

The clay has spoken. Now let's hear from the bigger monkeys.
Deep inside the celurite, four items of transport that tie the world together for us so neatly, have been held snow bound because of the wrong kind of weather. How absolutely Anglophile of the French. How absolutely British for Mankind.
Currismass eve! WTF?


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