Snow Job

Sticking my neck out, I found my head covered. …

Snow in Britain

16 Dec 12:02
24 Dec 17:36
31 Dec 19:13

It is impossible for snow to fall widespread over Britain unless there is an High over Greenland and a Low over Norway and the pressures have to be those of a positive North Atlantic anomaly.

Not having access to charts on the subject but having access to the actual weather I can assume that this anomaly is not anomalous. In which case the above times of Moon Phases will have supplied:
Frost and fog
Mist and Fog
Fairly heavy precipitation.

However the weather this morning: 1st January 2010 is as to be expected for the lunar phase time of the spell before. The word spell is the same in meaning as the one for weather in more acceptable circles of meteorology than mine.

However the word actually means menu or ingredients. Menu is a good word as it connotes the computer algorithms selectable from a drop down box in commonly used tools. And the physical-chemistry used in cooking.

In cookery term a menu is an "algorithm" a set of formulations or ingredients of a mathematical series whose end result is "a dish".

But a Dish is a satellite receiver, a pretty woman, a shallow piece of crockery and an offer you might expect to read in a menu.

You can go around in circles over the uses and misuses of the word spell. It is used in pagan worship and pantomimes to connote witchcraft in fairy stories. But if I should say that there is an "Hex" in some of my spells, you might at last begin to see reason.

Or not, as the case may be.

There was an hex in the spell for the 16th. One more or less in the one for the 24th and one more or more in the present spell. on a 12 hour clock 19 equates to 7.
And 7 is hex plus one.

(17:36 had been hex minus 24 minutes, a tricky one; awkward, as it is on the cusp -so to speak.)

But this will all be so much ancient history by the time I get the good news on-line. So may I take this belated occasion to hope that things go well for you this year?

And may the devil leave you alone and god leave you in peace. May all your spells produce fine fruit. May you take part in extending Eden as ordered and may we all live happily ever after. (That's "After we have worked hard at extending Eden", for those of you who are ignorant about the reason we are here.)


4 thoughts on “Snow Job

  1. Let's forget Platinum and Xenon. We don't have too many dry spells early this year. (Not that it is going to be a positive anomalous* year. Not for the North Atlantic.)*I fucking hate that word!We've got these complicated transition reactions. I can't really find a suitable analogy that I am comfortable with. Maybe I need a better text book.All right let's go back to the flaming moon.When you stand on the sea shore as the tide is coming in…..You step back up hill when a wave hits you. Ten waves later another wave hits you and you step back once more. Another ten waves and your feet get covered again so you step back once more once more.On a perfectly level rise you would think you are going to step back steadily once every ten waves on this coast with this tide in this weather.More or less.But the tide doesn't rise like that. The different ingredients in the spell that causes the tide to rise, are working at different levels and different time scales. (Or not as is more likely to be the reality of tidal causation.) But it is the principle used to gauge tidal constants in any particular port where records go back far enough.And since it works, who am I to break it?Czjd!Let me take you back to declinations. Everyone has a room in their house from which they can see the sun or moon. If you can see one from it you can see the other, they run in the same parts o the sky.OK. So the lunar declination at the beginning of the last phase was pretty low. I've no idea what it was. This phase it is a lot higher. It has little to do with the phase. I had to stand close to the window last night and strain to see the moon as it was so high in the sky.A week back it just sailed right past the middle of the window.That's the declination. If you have never noticed it before take the time to investigate it now, fool. You are wasting my time. When the moon reaches top or bottom of the arch, it takes time to return. It's more noticeable with the sun.In the winter or the summer, it takes forever to leave the tropic of Cancer or Capricorn. (Whichever.) Once it gets going though, it races across the Equator. It's the same with the moon. The moon does it every month not every year. Sort of affecting the tides, do you think?But you get the point?Or not as the case may be.+++++++I've had enough of this.It's not what is happening anyway.The results of all the stuff revolving about the earth is a set of sound waves which is what causes weather and tides and stuff. The tides on any particular coast represent the reaction of water to the section of the frustrum of the sonic wave standing at the spot.The way that weather is explained according to the experts experts beggars belief. Can you imagine the sun heating air at the equator in such a manner that it rises en mass and moves en bloc to the horse latitudes?Have you ever tried to blow smoke in someone's face?It's perfectly impossible.You can let out a jet of smoke, control its trajectory somewhat if you can mamage to do it in smoke rings.But once you let it out it is gone and immediately subject to dissipation. Now read the explanation of how the atmospheric heat engine transports hot air to the Poles. It's unbelievably unbelievable.From the expert's experts, the unbelievably unbelievable.It's funny and sad at the same time.You can't work with it and you can't work without it. How can you tell someone how fascinating weather is when dopes like that pretend to control it? You just can't work through it.It can't be done.Then they compound it with a non-force called the Coriolis effect. An effect effected by a non force, a "nonCe" is that?And who am I to tell the buggers off? They don't like it up 'em.

  2. This year is choc full of unstable spells. Too much for my small talent. I struggled to find a way of explaining it to others that I might better understand them myself.What a dud!Unstable spells.Let's think of them in chemical terms. I physical ones all I can imagine is what one might consider very stable situations. Shear free air is more a matter of statics than a fluid continuum.Isn't it?We are all familiar with unstable chemical systems. We put fuel on our fires in our cookers under our bonnets. We deal with explosives daily. We all know about clockwork type engines consisting of chambers that fire petrol/air vapours causing the system to spin around the core at thousands of times a minute. Unbelievably heavy things some of them, -plane engines and lorry motors for instance.The equivalent to the word "Spell" in chemistry is "Formula". It's nothing to do with "Reaction" though, it's more like: "Equilibrium."Perhaps: "State of Equilibrium"?So how about instability? You can't just turn a reaction backwards any more than you can turn back the sun or moon. But some reactions fail to complete. Stuff like Ammonia, a mixture of Nitrogen and Hydrogen that has to be forced through Iron as a catalyst and the resultant removed to get the process to continue.That's like the foggy spells when not enough solution will fall out of the sky. Look up "Humidity" in the subject of Meteorology. When the air reaches a certain limit the only way that moisture can condense is when water in the other end of the cycle is removed from the system.Then there are the inert chemicals.With wet weather you know the reaction is a strong one and not going two ways. With inert reactions the system is more like the dry weather we get here occasionally.Clouds disappear or form high up and basically the uninformed and those you'd imagine aught to know better, form the opinion that the weather is a matter of sunlight and very little else that is possible to imagine.Like unimaginably powerful oxidants such as Aqua Regia or Vanadium Pentoxide. Or was it Platinum? I can never remember.A blast from the past that has thrown me off.

  3. I keep getting mixed up with Platinum and Vanadium. I think it is because they use Vanadium to make petrol and Platinum to reduce emissions in exhaust pipes.That and the iuminess of them.'s to do with transition elements which isn't anything to do with them being neither metal or non-metal elements but the way they fill out their electron configurations.All very clever stuff. And I am not saying it isn't true….)((How would I know?))

  4. Shortly after writing the above it started to snow again. Hardly a great fall just a little deliquescence as fog falls out of the sky, indicating what snow is. I would advise anyone considering research into the topic to consult what Benjamin Franklin had to say about the subject. It's about as good a place to start.He wrote about the logic of a cold upper sky without having the equipment o find out if it was really so. Rather like the Oriental Philosophers of Moses' day wondering about clouds having silver linings and what it meant…What it's physics meant.How it's spells worked.Snow is formed from supercold water. Supercool water can only exist in regions of the sky that are perfectly clean. It occurs after several iterations of the cycle of a spell develops without interference from cross currents carrying anything more thna clean air and more fresh water.What happens is that in the "continuum" of evaporation and precipitation that takes place in a cloud (a warm-air cloud-bubble) as long as there insufficient cross winds, the physical reactions make impurities "bed out". They separate, fall to different layers, whatever.And a certain section of the cloud has water in it so pure it can not crystallise "out" at normal temperature/pressures.But snow is full of impurities. Not least of them, oxygen. Somehow it attracts dirt. But in most of the northern climate it falls to, the air is pristine in winter. OK maybe the forests are evergreen but they do lack the spirit to generate a lot of wax, protein and the rest of it in December and January.When it gets to 40 degrees below zero at sea level pressures, ice has to form on any fleck or surface it contacts. Once a speck of ice or whatever initiates the process it all comes out as soon as it can.But the system it develops in is a foggy spell, at least in the UK. A foggy spell is one with crystal clear skies and impossibly still calm air. Wind-shear is low. the air is layered in steps called an inversion because cold air is above the warm and lighter.So it can't fall through.On the interface the fog develops and causes the snow to form. In the upper atmosphere it happens all the time. Stratus and alto-stratus are ice clouds that form a veil. Red spectrum light can not get through as it is absorbed by water. Hence the colours of the skies in snowy weather.The upper atmosphere can become incandescent.They are very pretty rose pink and ice blue.And deadly. _r regenerative, it depends on how you view it. The poor man's fertiliser, snow rebuils tired soils after a bumper harvest year.Cattle an sheep put on weight starved and exercised through an hard winter. Pests fall off them. That is why on large continents unhampered by man, stock following the spring grass back north do so well.But the world is ruled by gangsters and organised to deal badly with the earth. A situation that has to end somehow one way or another, obviously.Meanwhile the spells for January run:7 Jan 10:4015 Jan 07:1123 Jan 10:5330 Jan 06:185 Feb 23:49What is going to happen?I have no idea.The timing has already thrown me. 10:40 is an unstable spell. The nexrt one is wet but the warm pool effect for want of better understanding will be irregular and I guess the NAO is going to be negative.Then it comes back to 10:53. And and if that wasn't difficult enough the following spell is 06: 18 an unstable foggy spell.February might break the spell. I wouldn't count on it though. It's set for more fog. Or we might call it snow? The rest of the season as far as I looked is ornate with unstable spells.+++++++

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