Snow! Snow! Quick! Quick! Snow!

From a fairly well presented news round-up programme in the UK. …

News Night.

I could tell we were in for a ride through an hedge when I saw the science expert standing in a field with her legs crossed.

We didn't have long to wait.
The BBC's computer graphics are well suited for underlining the names and status of its guests but not for explaining the Arctic Ocean's "Oscillation". Considering the list of weather experts on hand for what is normally an half hour round-up of the day's news, I'd have thought someone might have been asked to consider the offering.

Perhaps if the staff had enough sense to come in out of the cold? Altogether a singularly unimpressive performance by all. Well done for getting their names right.

(If they got the names right.)


The Arctic Ocean oscillation BTW, is the same as for all the others. When the pressure systems are flaccid it is called a negative anomaly. When there is a marked difference in the pressures the system is called positive.

Why they couldn't present that in a simple format that isn't easily confused wuith the fact that anticyclones are called Highs and Cyclones are called Lows, beats me.

I thought that that is why they use computer graphics.


One thought on “Snow! Snow! Quick! Quick! Snow!

  1. BBC Newsnight 7th January 2010A late night news magazine on BBC's Channel 1 carried three items:1. An item about the cold spell with two experts from the Met Office and the University of Oxford2. An item about child sacrifice in Uganda.3. The departure of Jonathan Ross.Guess which item held the newspaper headlines that day.Jonathan Ross is a millionaire talk show host on the UK's public broadcast system, financed by television taxes. He is "not going to renew his contract in 6 months time." That's it.Equal time with child sacrifice and we'd not have heard about that in Britain had it not been for this single item.There is more to it than that as in all three cases the people responsible for the problems have got away scot free.In Uganda the witchdoctors are merely asked to convert to Christianity and say they are sorry or very sorry. Similarly the guilty party in the Jonathan Ross scandal (he made abusive phone calls to a man in his 70's) the bastard was suspended for a few weeks whilst a man not guilty of the crime got the sack. (But nobody wants to talk about him.)The weather item was divided into thee parts and was without a shred of doubt an unmitigated farce. As well as allowing all sorts of obscure mind numbing facts cloud the issue the experts rode out the storm. Who knows if any changes will be made.(But nobody wants to talk about him.)There won't be any changes in the forseeable future in the BBC's weather department. Th science editor for the programme (or worse) was interviews in a snowy field somewhere in the wilds. The vista of virgin snow emphasised by her crossing her legs. Or was that due to inexperience? Weather presenters on the BBC have to stand out in all weathers in all news programmes. So too it appears do the other women and some men, where weather is involved.Personally I'd rather they stayed at home and showed us weather charts.But this is Britain -or rather; this is… (where weather is concerned) …this is the Home Counties.(The Home Counties are the counties through which the London Bypass passes. It serves as sleeping quarters for the staff of the BBC. Outlying regions have their own shows and presumably, their own versions of the weather. National weather does sometimes include some of these regions -even on odd occasions, Scotland.)As for ritual child sacrifice… it is performed so that the people who pay the witchdoctors can become rich. The obvious way to stop this is to end all dealings with Uganda as the only way that foreign countries can deal with Ugandans is through rich people.It's impossible to change the mind control of a people who revere spirits good or bad. And difficult for a culture that doesn't even believe in the things to come to terms with dealing with the idea. It can't be done, doesn't need doing and hasn't been tried; not even under colonial rule. Colonial rule was instigated to get the sacrifices in the first place.They were called slaves and worked to death for the economic vibrancy of the British Empire. The condition was uninterrupted at the time of TE Lawrence 100 years ago and only recently ended officially in Arab states a few decades ago. Kuwait, for example, was the home of slavery with British and US connivance well into the late 1960's.But abuse of foreign workers is widespread there and other similar places as is the kidnapping and enslavement of a lot of India's workforce. Which even with free child slave labour is coming a poor second place to China in its National Economy.Not that that had anything to do with the item on the show.On the show, the people responsible for the ending of these atrocities are the people who were guilty of these atrocities. No mention of the fact that removing the people still involved would leave a more remunerative market open for the once guilty and now reformed to go back to. (But nobody wants to talk about that.)Child sacrifice isn't uncommon in Britain where the average age of young men going into combat for no other reason than the friends of Tony Blair to get rich, is something like 20.

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