Just another day

An unjust day. …

The killing of 12 Afghan civilians by stray Nato rockets was “a very serious setback” to the Afghan mission, the head of the armed forces said today as it was announced that another British soldier had died in the conflict.

The soldier from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, was killed by small arms fire yesterday evening near Patrol Base Minden in the Musa Qala district of Helmand province.

Lieutenant Colonel David Wakefield, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said: “He was on a patrol after dark and was shot during a firefight. He died a soldier, doing his duty and among his fellow soldiers; his sacrifice will not be forgotten.”


What department is it that deals with killing people for a living?

Justice or defence?

I suppose it is like the theory it is better to retaliate against a person before he retaliates against you.
But you know he is going to retaliate.

In a corrupt country, revenge is the only justice poor people have. And they do have revenge. And putting in more killers -trained killers, will only make things even worse.

You can't train young men to kill people, send them to a land whose inhabitants they despise, who are hopelessly antagonistic toward you people and expect them not to start shooting.

No amount of photo-ops and political spin will change that fundamental flaw in human nature.

It didn't stop the violence in Northern Ireland did it? Am I the only person here who can see reason? How much oil are they getting out of all this?

And by the way, Dick Cheney's revelations about torturing kidnapped victims in the USA base never made it onto the UK's news.
Score one more for the 'Net.


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