A title is required

So I thought of one that fitted. …

The USGS and NOOA and a number of other US sites are about the cream of the net for me. The USA has a great deal to be proud of. There is nothing from Britain to match it. Even the weather service here is utterly useless to me.

Worst of all are the Chinese, next Russia.
Wouldn't you think that a socialist ideology would put stuff like weather and seismic data on the net?

Another thing is PDFs from research in universities. The only place I have found them freely available is Indonesia of all places. Without knowing much about a subject, you can't really tell much about a paper from its abstract (the introduction) but you have to pay 15 or more dollars or whatever to gain access to the repositories.

Not to worry though. If I ever come across a PDF that is readable, usable and worth reading, I will post it on. I use Linux these days and there are very few secrets hidden from the users of that OS.

PDFs behave almost as if they were designed to be freely read cross platform. I bet there are a few monopolists that would love to have Microsoft clobber freedom fighters like Linux coders.

I just spent months collating material. (I'm hopeless at details) I kept messing up the way I was trying to make them display and it was so depressing I couldn't go back to it for ages. And it happened time after time. Last night I went to an old site I had and found a huge amount of stuff I could have used.

Better data and simpler to get at.

That was a downer but I was so pleased to locate it I didn't mind.
I spent the earlier part of the evening trying to download more charts but I got lost in the list of files and ended up deleting the lot.

Man I am no scientist!!
It's so frustrating sometimes.

I put a year's worth of weather charts on the Photo server here. If you want to look at the data it will take you ages. So I thought I'd cut it down to some 207 files from over 700.

The number of days there were tornadoes in the USA in 2009 is something like 115 (I forget exactly) so I saved the originals in another folder, cut it down and spent several hours failing to upload to a new album.

So I cleaned it off and went to play elsewhere.

Then I found a huge list of links I'd lost on a Microsoft server (now moved elsewhere.) They are for 2007. The tornado/storm data for 2007 is more comprehensive than my stuff for 2009 as the USA investigates every tornado reported and that takes 2 years to put online. (An immense task. Pity they don't want to investigate the cancers in Iraq caused by two oil wars.)

So now what do I do? I think I will stick with 2009. It's all in charts and it is all done bar the editing. It's just a pain doing the detailed work. I'm much happier jumping to unsupported conclusions.

Lord Weatherlawyer of Brokenhead.


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