The problem of women as fluids

This site can't be the official Olympics site can it?

Edit: Link munged as it looks like a fraud/scammer's site. Don't go ordering any of their overpriced offers. …

http://www.vancouver2010.munged/ looks like it was made by a Microsoft script kiddie with an Etchasketch.

Slow loading too.

I wasn't paying much attention to the event but it was occupying huge chunks of TV. That's how I caught the men's freestyle skiing (AKA Ski Cross.) I was stunned. I always like to see X games. The enthusiasts all seem to be having so much fun so different from most other Olympic events.

Unfortunately the women's version tonight was a let down.

The course was, I gather, designed primarily for snowboarding. It leant itself ell to the men's event but was sadly lacking in imagination when it came time for the women.

They couldn't get over the initial obstacles and turned what could have been a magic act into a feat of strength that was all over in the first one or two seconds. Worse, having failed to gain the initial impetus the shape of the course was distinctly dangerous and should have been called off after it must have become obvious in practice.

Now how many athletes have had permanent ligament injuries because no one had the guts to just say "NO!"


5 thoughts on “The problem of women as fluids

  1. The British commentary on the ladies matches was very revealing. The tactic for not coming in third during the heats is such that the athlete in the lead is given clear run.If the one in second place vies for first place, the leader tends to slow down in order to cover the flanks and hinder the follower.If the one in second place vies for first they leave their own flanks unprotected. So they too tend to slow down.But the track is strenuous enough that if the athletes slow down to a very fine limit they lack the speed to get over the course.But the course is such that the contestants become aerial. And if they fail to make the slope – which is a little too flat for ideal recovery in some aspects, they are in great danger of landing badly.If they hit the slope with the back of the skiis, the long leverage wracks the leg the wrong way and forces the joint to twist stripping the ligament.Popping a kneecap is a very painful injury. Why were the girls in the prime of their lives exposed to such permanent injury?Quite simply because the venue ran out of snow.I don't know if the people who ran the event would have supplied the contestants with a viable track if the weather had been kinder to them.Judging from events in the earlier sled event where an athlete was thrown out of the chute and killed after hitting an unprotected post, I'd say massive negligence was a major theme.

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