Keep your friends close

Unless you are operating a system of torture chambers. …

The stink of injustice percolating from the bowels of the British Secret Service has wafted over the playing fields of the British courts recently. A desperate game of musical chairs as government ministers raced to cover things up and minimise PR damage took place as various judges wrote memos.

The latest whiff has come from a revue of events where a judge made comments that should have been available to both parties involved in the case.

Needless to say the Government is outraged. Not over the fact that the USA has tortured a kidnap victim for surfing the internet. Nor that the British Secret Service knew all about it.

Not even that several officers were involved.

The Government is concerned that revelations will upset the USA.
Fecking crackers or what?

Security service officials had a dubious record of involvement over the mistreatment of Binyam Mohamed when he was held on behalf of the Government, one senior appeal judge said. Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Master of the Rolls, also questioned MI5 officials’ frankness about this involvement and the reliability of their evidence to the courts.


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