Even if I'd been looking I'd have missed these. …

5.9 M. 27/02/10 10:30 . OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE
5.8 M. 27/02/10 09:59 . BIO-BIO, CHILE
5.6 M. 27/02/10 09:00 . VALPARAISO, CHILE
5 M. 27/02/10 08:53 . MAULE, CHILE
5.6 M. 27/02/10 08:48 . OFF THE COAST OF ARAUCANIA, CHILE
6.1 M. 27/02/10 08:25 . OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
5.5 M. 27/02/10 08:19 . VALPARAISO, CHILE
6.9 M. 27/02/10 08:01 . OFF THE COAST OF BIO-BIO, CHILE
5.2 M. 27/02/10 07:56 . OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
5.4 M. 27/02/10 07:51 . BIO-BIO, CHILE
6 M. 27/02/10 07:37 . BIO-BIO, CHILE
5.6 M. 27/02/10 07:33 . OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE
5.4 M. 27/02/10 07:19 . OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
6 M. 27/02/10 07:12 . OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE
6.2 M. 27/02/10 06:52 . OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
8.8 M. 27/02/10 06:34 . OFFSHORE MAULE, CHILE
5.1 M. 27/02/10 00:48 . RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
7 M. 26/02/10 20:31 . RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN

Absolutely nothing on the North Atlantic charts gave this stuff away.
I suppose I aught to hang my head in shame. But it is a first.

What went wrong?


And after:


7 thoughts on “Side-swiped

  1. These two signal an immediate shut-down on whatever spell was in force up to then.5.1 M. 2010/02/26. 16:18. 5.8 N. 125.8 E. Mindinao.5.7 M. 2010/02/26. 08:37. 6.4 N. 126.8 E. Mindinao.By that, I mean two overlapping quakes that appear on the list unseparated by any other quakes generally usually indicate that storms active to their arrival have bit the bullet, come ashore.Which begs the question which storms were active that the next long list arrived with. And what caused the absence in the North Atlantic charts. There is almost always a reciprocating weather system. I suppose that would make it a "dual".

  2. Blimey you were quick, Clance.I only just noticed your post. I was listening to the BBC this morning early. There was a band running under the main item showing breaking news.I read it stating a 7 M. quake had struck Japan. And then they were talking about it. As soon as the Chilean news broke, all comments on the Japanese one stopped.A mag. 7 or so isn't that rare. And 8.8 is very rare. I think Chile has a good social policy when they are not killing teachers, doctors and union organisers. So I suppose there won't be too many casualties.I hope not anyway.85 confirmed dead. Over 2000 in Haiti and no rescue services even though the UN had a base there.I wonder what we will hear about Chilean resettlement efforts.

  3. Oh man these quakes really threw me off my throne.I think I know what happened. There was a great deal of vary low pressure just off my radar.I knew about it too. It was the storm that ravaged Madeira. I am still waiting for confirmation but I bet it went ashore just in time to trigger the earthquakes.Or rather, to signal them loudly and clearly. Damned Meteorological Office. Why can't they just share the stuff we have paid for without all their damned secrecy and penny-pinching?I've been scouring the net all day trying to understand dual geometry. There is something similar in physics. I think it relates to the way that stuff like electricity turns into magnetism. But I might be wrong.It's all way beyond me.Duals in geometry relate to the way that sides and edges of certain regular shapes relate to other similar shapes in the same way that homologous chains of hydrocarbons relate to each other.That's what I think I understand about them.Thank goodness I don't have to learn more. It was driving splinters into my stomach thinking about having to wrap my head around all that crap.

  4. It looks like the 8.8 was just unbelievable, but they learned from the past, and construction is better, though I did see some twit pics of some buildings tilted like a Dr Suess town. I am watching some streams from Hawaii as the tsunami is rolling in, you can see some action, but nothing to awful bad as far as I can see.

  5. I can't speak for Chile but widespread abuse of the land in South America has interfered with the water table. Once verdant tropical forest has given way to a form of farming as kind to the soil as strip mining is.There are a number of scriptures pointed at the ancient nation of Israel that indicate that poor husbandry results in many of the environmnetal problems seen today.Whilst most of it was about spirituality, enough was about physics to make believers of us all if only someone would point this stuff out.A woman was killed in flooding here this is from a storm that caused a lot of damage in the Canary Islands just off North Africa, some days ago.It climbed up through Portugal and Spain into France and we are expecting it for Sunday.Naturally I was keen to point out this new spell for the UK would be on the start of the next lunar phase. A point not lost on classical meteorologists. The same storm was already a spell in the last phase for Johnny Foreigner.So no converts there.But the point is that they too are getting a new spell on Sunday. Their bad weather was out not so bad weather.It's the same with California. When we have prolonged wet weather they get SantaAnas. Australia and California get wild fires when we get rain. Actually, when our rain spell ends their fire reports come in on the news.So, "At least 214 have been reported killed and nearly a quarter of the globe put on tsunami alert after one of the most powerful earthquakes of modern times hit South America." Haiti. Not Japan. The Chileans seem to have everything in hand. The thing took place in the middle of the night so most people were in bed at the time.Not necessarily a safe place where city building codes might be flouted. Obviously Chile is not one of those places.Well done them.Less than 1% of what might have been if they had had a series of criminals in government over them. I wonder what the UN were doing in Haiti?Not a lot -as usual, obviously.And do you know what?If they needed it I'd give to Chile. I never gave a penny to the charities asking for aid in Haiti. I just did not believe it would get there. And that which did would be wasted or given to corrupt swear-words.Which I suppose makes me to some extent, guilty of not helping those I might have. I feel bad about it and at the same time not guilty. A very odd feeling.

  6. I wish I could find a daily source like this: sure if the link works. I pasted it in to an address bar and it failed. It's a chart showing the isobars for the whole month of July. That is the average over the month for the whole earth.I missed the deep low over Madeira/Canary Islands the other day and might have been more alert for the Chilean quake. I'm not pretending that I'd have any idea about where, when or how big; just a suspicion of a large quake somewhere.

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