Nice One

Someone make it all go away. …

Do you remember that crook who got to rule or ruin every computer desktop in the world and retired to manage his own charity so he wouldn't have to pay tax?

Well the investment bankers of Britain caught on to that one fast. I watched a guttersniper pressman doorstep one of the buggers the other day. The look on his face was a sort of patient anger, knowing the unpleasantness would soon pass and his 2 million quid bonus would be safely in his own bank waiting for things to calm down.

Not content with all the filthy lucre they amassed stringing the world's economy they are still bleeding the mortally ill.

HSBC chief Michael Geoghegan to donate £4m bonus to charity as bank's profits rise 23pc to £7.2bn

Now this little muppet has sorted his deepest concerns:

HSBC officials hope that by saying he is giving it away immediately, he will avoid attacks by politicians and pressure groups.

It is believed that the charity will be one connected to his wife Jania, who supports educational foundations around the world.

Did you get the charity? I love that charity begins at the homes of the people who robbed everyone else of their homes. Isn't that just sweet?

Talking about education…
Did you ever here the one about the shepherd making a fabulous living selling education sweets.

Every time a tourist came to his hills to take photographs he'd sell them a bag of education sweets.

When they came back to complain that they'd been sold a bag of sheep shit if they came back to complain that they had been sold a bag of sheep shit, he'd just smile and say:
"You're learning."

Still it's only muni.

Who needs it besides Investment Bankers?


One thought on “Nice One

  1. In the USA, in order to get around the freedom of speech laws, they have something called the DMCA. Here is an example of how it works:

    The DMCA was designed to protect the legitimate rights of publishers, not to conceal scandalous internal documents that were never intended for sale.Although the action is a clear abuse of the DMCA, Network Solutions, a company with extensive connections to U.S. intelligence contractors, gagged the site in its entirety.Such actions are a serious problem in the United States, where although in theory the First Amendment protects the freedom of the press, in practice, censorship has been privatized via abuse of the judicial system and corporate patronage networks. Britain we have what is called the Old Boy Network. If anyone has got anything to say it has to run the peer review of people who are literally peers.In order to control the Internet, Microsoft has been a valuable tool but even better the Old Boy Net controls Net. We have a series of spies infiltrating our ISPs.It is for this reason, when the Establishment take over the icons of freedom, that sites like Wikileaks is absolutely necessary.

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