The Second BBC

A follow up into just who is who in Britain's subculture.
Or should that be culture? …

Channel 4 was launched on 2nd November 1982, with a remit to broadcast distinctive programmes. Under the Communications Act 2003, Channel 4 has a duty to provide high quality innovative programming that is experimental, creative and appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society.

Channel 4 has always supported, and will continue to support the independent sector (the majority of Channel 4's programming being commissioned from independent production companies) with a strong commitment to regional production, original programming and schools/educational output.

Channel 4 is funded by commercial activity, principally through the sale of advertising airtime.

Channel 4 reinvests its profits in programming and the development of new content and services. The Film4 channel was launched in November 1998, E4 first went on air in January 2001, and October 2005 saw the start of the More4 channel. Towards the end of 2000, the commercial services arm of the Channel Four Television Corporation, 4 Ventures Limited (which runs these channels) was established.

Channel 4 is currently broadcast in the UK on analogue and digital services. The day-to-day management and control of the Corporation and its policies and functions are managed by the Chief Executive and the other executive directors, who are accountable to the Board. The majority of Board members are non-executive, appointed by Ofcom with the approval of the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport.

Which begs the question why can't the BBC be run on the same lines?


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