Infrasonics. People have been hearing stories about this sort of thing for ages. But…. …

Franco/Russian scientist Vladimir Gavreau nei Gavronsky started off the study of infrasonics in the 1960s, when he and his lab assistants experienced pain in the ear drums and shaking lab equipment, but no audible sound was picked up on his microphones.

Originally posted by Wikipedia:

Infrasound sometimes results naturally from severe weather, surf,lee waves, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanoes, bolides, waterfalls, calving of icebergs, aurora, lightning and upper-atmospheric lightning. Nonlinear ocean wave interactions in ocean storms produce pervasive infrasound vibrations around 0.2 Hz, known as microbaroms.

Infrasound can be generated by man-made processes such as sonic booms and explosions (both chemical and nuclear), by machinery such as diesel engines and older designs of down tower wind turbines and by specially designed mechanical transducers (industrial vibration tables) and large-scale subwoofer loudspeakers.

The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization uses infrasound as one of its monitoring technologies (along with seismic, hydroacoustic, and atmospheric radionuclide monitoring).

Whales, elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinoceros, giraffes, okapi, and alligators are known to use infrasound to communicate over distances—up to hundreds of miles in the case of whales. It has also been suggested that migrating birds use naturally generated infrasound, from sources such as turbulent airflow over mountain ranges, as a navigational aid.

Elephants, in particular, produce infrasound waves that travel through solid ground and are sensed by other herds using their feet, although they may be separated by hundreds of kilometres.

Scientists accidentally discovered that the spinning core or vortex of a tornado creates infrasonic waves. When the vortices are large, the frequencies are lower; smaller vortices have higher, though still infrasonic, frequencies. These low frequency sound waves can be detected for up to 160 kilometres (100 mi) away and can help provide early warning of tornadoes.

Which may serve to explain why there are so many tremors after a very large magnitude quake without the accompanying storms that are required for lesser spell breakers.

I have been pursuing the idea that large differences in the air pressures between High and Low vortices. And they just have not occurred over this spell since the disaster first ruptured at Chile on the 28th February 2010 (Last Sunday at the time of writing.)

We're only half way through this spell though it appears to be reaching an hiatus as sometimes happens though I have no explanation for the phenomena. The MetOffice has now posted the 0600 chart and it is as they predicted:

Obviously it is still an extant Low but it is now in a region that it belongs in during Winters.

Maybe it is something to do with the placement of the High in the middle of the North Atlantic. This is something that is most common in Summer.

What sort of frequencies would be best suited for channelling through a tunnel between them I wonder. Something akin to the sound of the earth at Chile?

Whale cries can be heard thousands of miles away when they call through ocean depths where temperatures can hold the frequencies they use in the same way that optical fibre holds certain frequencies of light.

When bulls start making mating calls, they hang head down in the water. Maybe migrating whales dive deep to hear the messages?

All good stuff to ponder. Makes a change from porn and gambling anyway.

The next phase of the moon BTW is on the 7th March. 15:42!! Another difficult one.

But interesting.

I have the idea that the channel to look for is the 1016 millibar path at sea level. I wonder what height variations there will be to that.


3 thoughts on “Coincidents

  1. Originally posted by CNN:

    Investigators were en route Thursday [4 March 2010] and dead and injured were being evacuated, a day after 3, 26-foot waves crashed into a cruise ship and killed two people off north east Spain.The Greece-based Louis Cruise Lines ship was in the Mediterranean north of Barcelona, Spain, when it was hit by three "abnormal" waves, each about 26 feet high, said cruise line spokesman Michael Maratheftis.Maltese government officials were heading to Barcelona on Thursday to investigate, because of the ship's Maltese flag, a spokeswoman for the Spanish government said.The waves smashed five windows on deck five in public areas, on the bow of the 14-deck ship. Two male passengers were killed.The first wave pushed down the ship's bow and the second struck the front of deck five. was as the Low to the SW of Spain crossed the peninsula into the Mediterranean.

  2. Blast, I thought I knew it all. Wouldn't it be a shame if the egg heads had already got there:

    Infrasonics is the study of sound below the range of human hearing. These low-frequency sounds are produced by a variety of geophysical processes including earthquakes, severe weather, volcanic activity, geomagnetic activity, ocean waves, avalanches, turbulence aloft, and meteors and by some man-made sources such as aircraft and explosions. Infrasonic and near-infrasonic sound may provide advanced warning and monitoring of these extreme events. ?? are engaged in the development and deployment of infrasonic instruments for detection and monitoring of low-frequency sound generated by several important anthropogenic and geophysical processes. A strong focus is on hazardous geophysical phenomena in order to improve basic knowledge and early warnings.We have demonstrated that avalanches in the Rocky Mountains can be detected and located using an infrasonic array on the plains near Boulder. Using a similar array, we demonstrated that tornadoes on the high plains can be detected several minutes before they touch down, thus demonstrating a valuable tool to provide advanced warning for residents in tornado-prone regions.We conduct theoretical studies of infrasonic source mechanisms in order to optimize systems for detection and identification.The object of one study is the correlation between infrasound, sprites (above cloud lightning) and other transient, luminescent phenomena associated with severe weather.Another study involves methods to reduce audible noise (such as along highways) using both active and passive techniques. We typically collaborate with other organizations within NOAA, other government agencies, universities, and foreign scientists.For example, we are participating in a cooperative study with Armenian scientists researching earthquake precursors, and the we have been requested to assist with the Nuclear Test Ban treaty monitoring system.We also collaborate with other research groups in field experiments, e.g., involving Radio Acoustic Sounding System (RASS) and Lidar. Potential research and development include: infrasound observations from Peacewing platforms, infrasound measurements of other planetary atmospheres, and ocean wave generated

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