Most people are familiar with Firefox, some are even aware that Internet Explorer has problems …

Opera is of course about the best all-rounder, outside of Microsoft's hardware. But there are others. For geeks; K-Melleon is a cut down variation of Firefox. I don't know if Mozilla is still a work in progress but before Firefox it was the alternative's alternative.

It got bloated though and K-melleon was set up to do a racing whippet version. Then the community got going on Firefox with (would you believe it?) AOL's help. AOL is Internet Explorer intensive, yet they spent silly money financing research into Firefox they never used.

Netscape started as the first browser for the World Wide Web but got clobbered by Bill Gates' extremely monopolistic activities. AOL bought Netscape. They went into partnership with Time Warner, an huge film and mass media conglomerate and never made a cent out off either the 'Net or the Media.

What a bunch of losers. All down to copyrights management. (Read that as copyright mismanagement.)

Konqueror is about the fastest browser I have come across. It is designed for the KDE platform though and it is extremely easy to mess up the settings to. Come to think of it KDE is too easy to upset for most newbies.

You can put KDE on Windows and Apple's stuff I believe, if you want to try it. You'd be far better off getting a copy of Kubuntu or Mandriva (Linux Distros) and putting it on an old hard drive as a slave -or in you old computer from out of the garage.

It amazes me that in this age when second hand computer can be bought for less than 40 quid, nobody has ever thought of getting one and playing with Linux. I have tried several versions over the last few months and am by no means adept at any. But I have never yet come across a difficulty getting online with Linux.

All of the modern distributions just plug themselves in with absolutely no input from me. But I have only just got online from home over the last few weeks so perhaps I aught to be more circumspect?

Currently I am trying to put Ubuntu on a drive that housed Fedora. The new OS seems to thing the drive is damaged and won't load. So I am using the Live CD to search for help. I got the disc with a manual, usually the best way to start using Linux.

Always make sure it is a very recent edition or everything you get will be old fashioned and difficult to find any help for. Get your Distro from a natioanl magazine that is based in your country. That way you can be sure the forums will have people who share more or less the same experiences as you.

But as far as browsers are concerned, the all pretty well do much the same. A lot depends on the defaults they come loaded with. And in my case the partnerships they forge with other firms.

The first thing I do with them is remove any eBay/Yahoo and such like search engines. I don't need to have anything that might be spying on me. I have BT which is probably even now updating its file on my surfing habits. And I am pretty sure the NSA of America is cutting into my vibes too. Saddam, bombs gunsnammo. (Trying to think of the name of that Saudi prince who George Dubbyia fell in love with… Ben something or other.)

So I suppose I aught to use a live distro with sandboxie? Not worth the bother! The guvmint knows the Phorm. Doublespeak is go.

Screw them all millenium hand and shrimp explosives airliner.
Saudi Bin Laden. Gottit. Now as the machinations of the Pentagon grind their way towards me, I can sleep in pieces. I fear nothing. I have a stiff upper lip, belt and braces, spare toilet paper and my trousers inside my underpants.

Step aside, folks. Hero coming through.


One thought on “Browsers

  1. Putting back missing tool bar such as Back and forwards buttons stuff in Konqueror:Left click Go > right click Back tab in menu box > Add to tool bar > choose which tool bar to add it to.

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