Sharp edges

Diamond bright, the sky at night. …

You look at a picture of any of the planets or satellites and you think:

Pretty, round and perfect. Like fine pearls.

They are jewels but they are uncut, in the rough, they have sharp edges. We live on the prettiest of them and don't see it.

We see places that are beautiful and if we don't happen to own that part of it we allow it to be spoiled by development. But by and large we tend to just keep memories of it in our hearts and desert the fact it is to be treasured as an whole.

Not blocks sidled off for holidays and secreted for occasional pleasures when we take a break from the world.

What are we?



2 thoughts on “Sharp edges

  1. I've just been watching Prime Minister's Questions, an half hourly sketch live from the Houses of Parliament.What it is is a comedy show when the ministers and shadow ministers set each other up by faking tricky questions aimed at the ruler of the United Kingdumb. They try to get him to make a straight answer and it is his job to fob them off with brisk brusque replies.He was asked about the USA's use of torture and fobbed that one off with a quickie that must have taken all of three seconds counting the actual question.Which speaks volumes for history.

  2. "The Road to Hell":I'm standing by a river, but the water doesn't flowIt boils with every poison you can think ofThis lyric refers to the appearance of the River Tees in the 1960s, when it was at its most polluted.The song "Steel River" compares the old polluted Tees with the later clean river, there being salmon, but no industry. might get the impression that it was all or nothing one or the other.Butit isn't supposed to be like that. To attain economy and viability, a steelworks has to be a minimum size. They HAVE to cover acres of ground.But they don't have to ruin the ground.With all the ingenuity of an human being it must be possible to design such plant to be aesthetically pleasant, sustainable and economically productive.It's just that Banking and Investing being what it is….

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