Are you secure?

But are you safe? …

Everyone is subject to fraud these days. From the silly 419-ers that only a fool would get caught on to very well packaged and almost well copied pharmaceuticals.

Do you know how to protect your internet accounts?
Here is a recent article on the subject:

And don't miss the replies to it. Some of them give some very good advice:

These days next to fake porn sites which are really information gathering sites set to load your phone/desktop/whatever with trojans and various other nasties, the fake e-mails and the chain letters warning you about chewing gum on chairs etc…
We face the danger of being lured into buying medicines online.

The danger there is not just fraud in that the seller takes your money and sell you sugared herbs. They might be selling you something that is wrapped identically and even contain similar chemicals.

If the dose varies or if the chemical is adulterated with poison or contaminants, your life is at risk.

These days it can be very tempting to try online sources when you have to pay for medicines you can't afford. Be careful.

Moron this later.


6 thoughts on “Fakes

  1. Buying a second hand car?A full service history is a must. As is getting a reliable authority to check it out.In the good ld days all you had to do to get an old banger past its road-worthiness test was take it to the right back street mechanic. These days you can't even trust chassis and engine numbers.And being that cute means a forged documentation history is a piece of cake too. Be ever so careful -then double check. If it costs a lot more to buy from a reliable source there is probably a good reason for that.

  2. Originally posted by The Register:

    Password-cracking tools optimised to work with SSDs have achieved speeds up to 100 times quicker than previously possible.After optimising its rainbow tables of password hashes to make use of SSDs Swiss security firm Objectif Sécurité was able to crack 14-digit WinXP passwords with special characters in just 5.3 seconds. Objectif Sécurité's Philippe Oechslin told Heise Security that the result was 100 times faster than possible with their old 8GB Rainbow Tables for XP hashes.The exercise illustrated that the speed of hard discs rather than processor speeds was the main bottleneck in password cracking based on password hash lookups.

    An SSD is a solid state drive or a pen/thumb/USB drive. And the saving of 45 seconds means that the good old fashioned way of cracking your desk-top security still takes less than a minute.

  3. MPs' Expenses:The Telegraph's investigation, The Expenses Files, into how politicians – from Gordon Brown's Cabinet to backbenchers of all parties – exploit the system of parliamentary allowances to subsidise their lifestyles and multiple homes. MPs' expenses in depth Lord Paul repays £38,000 A Labour peer investigated by police over his expenses has repaid the controversial £38,000 that was at the centre of the probe, it can be revealed. 13 Mar 2010Play about 'innocent' MP caught up in expenses scandal A Labour MP who claimed thousands of pounds in expenses for bathroom equipment and a poppy wreath has written a play about an innocent MP caught up in the expenses scandal. 13 Mar 2010Axed council chiefs receive average £260,000 severance pay The scandal of council chiefs who get taxpayer-funded six-figure pay-offs before going on to work in lucrative new posts is to be laid bare in a report by spending watchdogs. 13 Mar 2010Director of Public Prosecutions attacks 'absurd' Lords official over expenses rules The Director of Public Prosecutions has attacked a senior official in the House of Lords for making it impossible to bring charges against a Labour peer over her expenses. 12 Mar 2010DPP blames Lords for derailing Uddin prosecution The Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer, has blamed the House of Lords for derailing attempts to prosecute Baroness Uddin over her expenses claims. 12 Mar 2010Baroness Uddin cleared over expenses scandal Baroness Uddin, the Labour peer, has been cleared of any wrongdoing over her expenses claims. 12 Mar 2010Sketch: From law makers to defendants refused special treatment Until very recently these people were making the law: yesterday afternoon they went appeared in the dock in a courtroom accused of breaking the law. 12 Mar 2010Why the Bill of Rights of 1689 could decide 'fraud' MPs' fate The Bill of Rights, passed by parliament in December 1689, laid down the template for today's system of government by enshrining in law the monarch's requirement to rule with the consent of the people. 12 Mar 2010http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/mps-expenses/Pollsters are warning that voter apathy will leave the country with an hung Parliament. One where no party can form a cohesive government.Traditionally, in close calls, the UK ends up with Conservatives lead coalitions with Nazis and Irish religious maniacs.

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  5. I just got a rash of these:(Unknown) Net Security Pack 09:56 Internet Security Department Latest Critical Patch 09:51 Microsoft Customer Services Last Microsoft Patch 06:27 Network Security Division Newest Network Pack 06:23 MS Corporation Public Assistance Last Network Critical Upgrade 06:20 MS Corporation Program Security Division Last Network Security Pack 06:16 Microsoft Corporation Technical Services Last Patch 06:12 Microsoft Corporation Program Security Division Current Network Patch 06:09 Microsoft Corporation Security Support New Internet Security Pack 06:05 Microsoft (No Subject) 06:02 MS Program Security Center Net Security Pack 05:58 Microsoft Security Bulletin Latest Security Pack 05:54 Internet Security Department Current Critical Pack 05:50 Network Security Section current security paHotmail just took down a botnet with the aid of McAfee. If you are on a Microsoft set up you may want to take the opportunity to update all your protection.But not from anything that drops into your e-mail box. Don't even click on the first few links that turn up on a search. Check out the site where you are going to get your downloads.Check out any recommendations it shows. Often the links don't work or aren't even links. Go to a site you know such as Major Geeks and check out their forums first.

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