George Bushism: Iraq

Portait of a failure as a young plan. …

This from the Project Guttenberg. Edited:

Originally posted by Shock and Awe, by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade:

Before Sun Tzu, strategists have been tantalized and confounded by the elusive goal of destroying the adversary's will to resist before, during, and after battle.

Today this goal of affecting the will, understanding, and perception of an adversary can be brought closer to fruition.

At the very minimum, such an effort will enhance and improve the ability of our military forces to carry out their missions more successfully through identifying and reinforcing points of leverage, identifying and creating additional options effectively.

The confluence of strategy, technology and innovation has the potential for revolutionary change. We envisage Rapid Dominance as the revolutionary change. The strategic centers of gravity, modified by the uniquely American ability to integrate all this, are these junctures of strategy, technology, and innovation.

Should a Rapid Dominance force actually be fielded with the requisite operational capabilities, it is neither a silver bullet nor a panacea

And certainly not an antidote or preventative for a major policy blunder, miscalculation, or mistake.

It should also be fully appreciated that situations will exist in which Rapid Dominance (or any other doctrine) may not work or apply because of political, strategic, or other limiting factors.


14 thoughts on “George Bushism: Iraq

  1. Bush has been out of office for over a year now. What has been done has been done. Right wrong or otherwise. We can only proceed forward in time.

  2. And they shall not learn war anymore.I am supposed to be a Christian so I have no excuse for reading such stuff but I do find it interesting.I want to know what caused WW I I still can't quite grasp how Tzar Nicholas mobilising his army caused it.And how did Alexander manage to win at Gaugamela?How were tactics developed, taught, enacted?And one of the all time greatest unknowns is how the hell did one man in the British government drag his ministers into this shambles for the sake of a clot in the White House?What was going on in the background? Who murdered Kelly and why?All of it.

  3. No the Arms inspector that was supposed to have committed suicide at the height of his role play.Just when he was about to get out to bat he got killed. Some say CIA some say MI5.I think it was both.

  4. It is ridiculous to imagine a man at the height of his powers facing the biggest opportunity in his working career would take his life because of a conflict of interests over a mere revelation about his work to a mass media rep.Also he was not in good health so there is every reason to expect his courage to have no repercussions. It is impossible to threaten someone who is sure he is going to die soon of natural causes.But they used his poor health as a reason for his suicide. He wasn't in pain and he never discussed the idea of assisted suicide or just ending his life.It was a very unlikely scenario that they stood on its head. And gullible fools swallowed it hook, lies and stinker.

  5. I've got a quote link and directions on how to use it! I must say though I'm not overly concerned about the topic and have no need for the function. I am wondering if it will continue to appear. Intrigue happens world wide. The internet only provides me with a questionable muddle of the facts. I am really no greater informed on many topics.

  6. The idea of religion an politics is to keep mankind on the back foot so the crooks can deal with the masses.People who ask questions end up wondering what the wars are for.That is bad for business. So the intern ette has helped you realise that.The first thing I saw when the second plane hit the towers in New York were the hundreds of women and children the Americans were going to kill in revenge.The biggest crook in New York, grandstanding, lead you all to believe he was a hero. All the while it was him that killed the firemen.Churchill was the same. Politicians kill more than they cure. They are not worth a bad shit. Any shit is a good shit but not one politician is, except maybe Guy Fawkes.And he was only worth a light.

  7. Originally posted by aljazeera:

    A high-ranking CIA official warned Condoleezza Rice in September 2002 that allegations about Iraq seeking yellowcake uranium from Niger were untrue and that she, as national security adviser, should stop President George W. Bush from citing the claim in making his case against Saddam Hussein’s regime, according to new evidence released by a House committee.Nevertheless, the false Niger story showed up in Bush’s State of the Union Address on Jan 28, 2003, and Rice later joined other White House officials in blaming the CIA for failing to alert them about the dubious intelligence.However, Rep. Henry Waxman, House Oversight Committee chairman, said in a Dec. 18 memo to other panel members that statements by Rice and former White House counsel Alberto Gonzales were contradicted by testimony and other evidence collected during the panel’s long investigation of the Niger mystery.“For more than five years, I have been seeking answers to basic questions about why the President made a false assertion about such a fundamental matter,” the California Democrat said.“As the President's national security adviser at the time, Condoleezza Rice asserted publicly that she knew nothing about any doubts the CIA had raised about this claim prior to the 2003 State of the Union address,” Waxman wrote, noting that Gonzales had “asserted to the Senate – on her behalf – that the CIA approved the use of the claim in several presidential speeches.“The [House Oversight] Committee has obtained evidence that just the opposite is true. This evidence would appear to raise serious questions about the veracity of the assertions that Mr. Gonzales made to Congress on behalf of Dr. Rice about a key part of the we didn't know.

  8. There is no such thing as a free lunch and Britain is subject to just as many corrupt people in office as ever there were in the USA.Staffordshire, my county, is rife with both fools and corrupt officials. There is nowhere like it outside of Asia or South America. I wouldn't dare go to a local hospital if I wasn't half dead. But I wouldn't trade a national health service for anything.If people are stinking rich they can afford the best and get it but they still have a share in and a chance at national health care if they need it. And have to pay what is a very small annual fee.If you want to know what rich people can do to get out of paying small fees, look up the Pennsylvania damn collapse of the mid 1880's.Your rich as as greedy and evil as any English coal baron was in Victorian days. And how many people would not have lived in squalor or died young in those days, here or there, if national government had been open to the public scrutiny they are these days?(Tory Bloody Liar not included.)

  9. Emoticons in your right hand margin showing recent comments show up as original code.That might be handy if you can't access them any other way.

  10. I just said above that I have them copied and pasted in a file. I did it from within the dialog box and, of course, the doc software doesn't recognize them as any thing but text.:sherlock:

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