Quote of quotes

Keep 'em simple. That's the way to do it. …

In his image god made us to imitate him.

In poetry the nearest anyone has come to matching the phrase:
"In the beginning, god created the heavens and the earth"
is this:
"Houston, this is Tranquillity Base"

For brevity and majesty there is nothing in the world to match it. The grandeur and humility is the same. Understatement is the most subtle of the arts of poetry.


One thought on “Quote of quotes

  1. "The Eagle has landed." was a message surplus to requirements. Once he had sent the message that a base had been established off earth, he had a need to supply a reason for the base. So he sent a message. Somewhat obvious that last bit, though.Yet it was the one that became perhaps the most famous quote of its era.

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