A look at some “watery deeps”

That is, one watery deep in different colour schemes. …

From a distance you look like my friend
Even though we are at war
From a distance I can't comprehend
What all this war is for

From a distance the world looks blue and green
And the snow-capped mountains white
From a distance the ocean meets the stream
And the eagle takes to flight

Moron here:

From a distance we are instruments
Marching in a common band
Playing songs of home, playing songs of peace
They're the songs of every man
God is gluggle … lughglgluglug.


3 thoughts on “A look at some “watery deeps”

  1. Have never seen a gridded aerial map like this. I like the looks of it but do not like drawing it. I once had an art teacher who had us make a grid on the paper first, then he placed a very large grid in front of the model and we were supposed to draw what was in each square. He kept saying it was easy but it wasn't at all. He was a buffoon anyway and I ended up walking out of his class. Have seen aerial maps of the Red River and cannot believe how much it twists and turns. The other two rivers seems to do the same. It looks like the Red and Sheyenne meet in the middle of the picture. This must be where all the flooding was last year around this time. A few weeks ago, it began to rise and was at 36 ft but has been receding since, so no major flooding this year.

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