A nasty 24 hour bug. …

Symptoms of norovirus infection

The symptoms of a norovirus infection usually start 24-48 hours after becoming infected, although they can start after as few as 12 hours.

The first symptom is usually a sudden onset of nausea, which is followed by projectile vomiting and watery diarrhoea. Some people may also have:
a raised temperature (over 38°C/100.4°F),
stomach cramps, or
aching limbs.

Symptoms normally last 12-60 hours but most people make a full recovery within two to three days. There are no long-lasting effects from having a norovirus infection.

The severe vomiting and diarrhoea caused by the norovirus can lead to dehydration (a lack of fluid in the body).

Dehydration is more of a risk in the very young and the elderly. Symptoms of mild dehydration include:
dizziness or light-headedness,
dry mouth, lips and eyes,
dark, concentrated urine, and
passing only small amounts of urine (fewer than three or four times a day).

When you are severely dehydrated, you may experience more extreme symptoms such as dry, wrinkled-looking skin, an inability to urinate, a weak pulse and low level of conciousness.

Mild dehydration is common and can be easily reversed by drinking lots of fluids. However, severe dehydration can lead to serious complications and, in some cases, can be fatal. For more information, see Health A-Z: dehydration.

If you or your child have any of the symptoms of severe dehydration after catching a norovirus infection, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

After seeing an article about this illness in the Daily Telegraph I looked it up on our National Health server. It seems similar to what I had. With me the problem was chills. I couldn't get warm and rthe shivers were wracking me.

I could have got over it faster by drinking more and might have been saved the crappy bits because I had the thing "full-blown" by the time I got back from an interview. I was up late so I dissde my breakfast.

I didn't really feel like eating when I did late that night. Also I imagined that orange juice would be better for me than water and I'd run out of tea bags.

So I drank a carton and it had a foul aftertase. Next day I had the urine symptoms. Brown and urgent but not large quantities.

I couldn't get warm so had to stay in bed the only place I succeeded. This morning it seemed gone. I still have the muzziness and the queasy stomach. I've not eaten. Maybe if I leave it till Tuesday I'll get over it better.

I'm drinking hot water now. It tastes not that unlke the weak tea I have. Maybe I'll come out of this a winner. or maybe I'll just get better.

My back aches. My eyes are tired. I wish I could sleep. In a free country I'd dose myself with opiates and wake up when I'm better.


3 thoughts on “Norovirus

  1. 24 hours my arse.I still feel like shit and I've had this thing since early Thursday. That's well over 48 hours.How on earth do people with real illnesses manage if they can't afford medical help?No help and all drugs not prescribed are banned. How do they hope to keep such a prohibition going?Yet they do.Quinine was discovered in Quechua Indians of Peru and Bolivia made a sweet tonic out of the bark by crushing it and steeping it in water. The sweetener was to take away the bitter taste.The Quechua Indians used it to cope with arid nights. It stopped them shivering badly. Missionaries sent some to Italy to see how it behaved with malaria patients.And the pharmaceutical industry was born.Peru and Bolivian tried to stop the plant being grown outside their country but of course it got out. How could it not? It's hardly a pirated copy of XP or Vista, lives were at stake.And Africa was ripe for pillage.Today I can get access to quinine sulphate by virtue of the fact I used to suffer leg cramps. Whilst that disability kept me in touch with tornadic activity, there are far easier methods.I can't stand quinine. But it's better then the shivers.

  2. Oh man, I'm stifling now but I daren't let the room get cool in case it goes too far the other way.I was sitting against the radiato earlier trying to get warm. The raadiator was as hot as it can get. Reaaly hot, you know? Mid wintr settings. And I was still shivering.I think that eating sweets is the killer with this illness.. In my case it was raisins.I feel very sorry for myself. See what happens tomorrow.

  3. I certainly hope you are better by now. It almost sounds like you suffered food poisoning. I've had that at least a dozen times. It has the same symptoms as dehydration it seems but I never vomited when dehydrated. Felt nauseous yes. The projectile vomiting is what makes me think it was food poisoning. Your body wants to get rid of….fast…. the offending spoiled food. When I was married, I threw out food right and left. If it was past the expiration date, had a funny color or smell, it went in the trash. Often my husband would madly take it out of the trash and tell me I needed to be more diligent, efficient…and a few other things…with his money. I said I wasn't cooking it or serving it and if he wanted it, he could eat it. I didn't want it around the kids. He told me he'd never had food poisoning in his life. Instead, any stomach ailment he had was a "cold in the stomach" he said and he'd wrap his stomach area like a mummy to warm it and tell me to go buy him a Hershey chocolate bar with almonds to 'heal' his stomach. It's kind of funny the beliefs we grow up with.

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